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    The Minster School Easter Concert 2015

Enrichment opportunities for students during core lunchtime and after school for the Autumn Term are displayed in the table below.  Other enrichment opportunities occurring for shorter time periods are available and are publicised to students via email and tutor time announcements.  If students wish to enquire about an enrichment opportunity, they should contact the member of staff running the sessions.


Core Lunchtime

After School (3.30 – 4.30)


Senior Strings Group (A3 – Mrs Whiles) Grade 3+

Music Technology/Composition (A5 – Miss Wallis/Ms Bilodeau) All students


JD Music Theory Group (JD – Mrs Chapman) JD students


Trampolining (Sports Hall, Miss Roberts)GCSE PE students


Music Theory Group (A4 – Mrs Wallis) All music students


Cross Country Club (Mrs Burles/Miss Brailsford/Mr Musson) All students


KS3 Music Technology Group (A5 – Mr Jennings) Y7, Y8 and Y9 students



Hot Club (Music) (A4 – Mr Clark)See Miss Wallis for details

Latin Club (C35 – Mr Brooks)

Come along to learn latin and discover how much of our everyday language it has influenced. No prior experience necessary. All students

Wind Band (A3 – Ms Bilodeau)Grade 1+ wind and brass

Symphony Orchestra (A3 – Miss Wallis)Grade 4


Showcase Musical Theatre Group (A5 – Mrs Chapman and students) Open to all by audition – contact m.thompson for further details

School of Rock (A4 – Mr Jennings and Mr Gibson) All students

Year 8 Football (Mr Brookes) Y8 students – see your PE teacher

Year 9 Rugby (Mr Coppack) Y9 students – see your PE teacher

Year 10 Rugby (Mr Walker) Y10 students – see your PE teacher

Netball (Mrs Gratton) All students

Art Club (Miss Gillott) Y7 students only

Christmas Cake Club (*AFTER  HALF TERM*) (D60 – Mrs Durance)

Make, ice and decorate your own cake. Y9 – by invitation from Mrs Durance


Circus Skills (Gym – Mr Greer). Juggling, diablo, poi, unicycling, stilt-walking and more! All students

Badminton (Phil Wiltshire) – 2.40 – 3.40.£COST INVOLVED – see your PE teacher.

Philosophy and film club (B15, Miss Garnett and Fr. Matthew).

Watch sections of films, followed by a philosophical discussion. Y7, Y8 and Y9


Magic the Gathering (B20, Mr Akhurst) Come along and play the popular trading card game. All students


Girls’ Choir (A3 – Mrs Whiles) All students


Flute Choir (MP12 – Y Gerrard)


Clarinet Choir/Sax Group (A5 – M Pickering)


Brass Group (A4 – G Brown)




Jazz Band (A3 – Mrs Chapman)Grade 4+


Warhammer club (D76, Mr Akhurst)

Come along, play warhammer and meet new students. All students

Folk Group (A4 – Mr Blackwell)


Showcase Musical Theatre Group (A5 – Mrs Chapman and students) Open to all by audition – contact m.thompson for further details


Oboe Band (T Gill)

Dance Leaders (Sports Hall – Mrs Stanley)

Salsa Cubana Dance Club (Gym) All students


Year 7 Football (Mr Musson) Y7 students – see your PE teacher

Years 9,10,11 Football (Mr Brookes) Y7 students – see your PE teacher


Full Choir (A3 – Miss Chapman)Open to Y6 and above


Chamber Choir (A3 – Mrs Whiles/Miss Wallis)Open to confident singers


Netball skills (PE Astro – Mrs Gratton) All students – bring trainers.


**Please note that availability of the enrichment activities above are subject to staff availability and may change at short notice. We will keep students informed of any changes by email and announcements in tutor time **