Study Area in Library

The Library supports and encourages teaching and learning within the school, and actively promotes reading for pleasure. It also provides a centralised facility for research and private study.


There are two professional Librarians who are actively involved in assisting students with their reading and research.

Resources include a wide range of materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks and access to the Internet.

    General view of library          


There is a large stock of fiction, ranging from ‘Quick Reads’ to literature boarding on the teenage/adult level.

The Library has 36 study seats, 30 soft seats in the reading area and eight static PCs, so full seating quota is 74.

Recommended Reading Lists

The library has produced a series of recommended reading lists for Years 7, 8 and 9.

Year 7 Good Reads

Year 8 Good Reads

Year 9 Good Reads


The Library is open each day from:

8.30am-4.15pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8.30am-3.15pm Wednesday
8.30am-4.00pm Friday

Occaisionally the library may be closed after school for other events. 


Every student in Year 7 and 8 has a regular reading lesson in the library as part of their English curriculum, during which they follow a Reading Passport (covering fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry, newspapers, magazines and website evaluation). Other subject classes are booked into the library for project and research purposes.  

In addition to timetabled lessons, students are welcome to use the library facilities before school, at lunchtime and after school. During social times the pupils may use the Library to retrieve information, to do homework, use computers, to read or just browse the shelves.

All Year 7 students follow a library induction programme during the first weeks of the Autumn term which will include information skills and reading promotion.


The Library is continually promoted throughout the school by offering a variety of activities:

Poetry Day
World Book Day
Author Visits
Nottinghamshire schools “Brilliant Book Award”