Our Vision

We are committed to

  • creating an atmosphere of caring and purpose derived from a commitment to Christian principles
  • engendering a lifelong love of learning
  • encouraging each child to strive for his or her best in intellectual, physical and spiritual growth
  • helping each child to develop relationships with others which are founded on mutual respect and the pursuit of lasting happiness
  • encouraging and developing leadership and active citizenship within the school and wider community which fosters a sense of dignity, vocation and purpose for every individual
  • developing and maintaining excellence in teaching and learning

We value

  • each student as an individual recognising that effective learning starts with what the learner can do
  • imagination, curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm, risk taking, questioning
  • self-motivation, responsibility, perseverance, commitment and pride in all aspects of achievement
  • co-operative learning, independent and collaborative planning
  • the intellectual challenge and self knowledge that helps students experience learning as an empowering activity
  • the central role of effective pastoral support in relation to academic, emotional, spiritual and social development
  • parental and community involvement
  • the ability and confidence to adapt to changing circumstance
  • the continuing learning of all staff
  • an understanding of the global dimension in learning and teaching

As Staff we are at our best when

  • we provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum and learning environment designed to enable all students to reach the highest standards of personal achievement.
  • we promote positive attitudes towards learning and maintain a positive attitude to change and the development of our own expertise
  • we work collaboratively with a shared philosophy and commonality of purpose and practice

Students are at their best when

  • they take responsibility for their own learning and respond positively to the expected standards of behaviour.
  • they exhibit a high level of personal organisation and independent learning
  • they work to the best of their ability, develop positive relationships with others and show care for the school environment.
  • they co-operate fully in learning strategies, especially where collaboration with other students is a key element
  • they contribute to the school and the wider community
  • they challenge themselves to achieve more in all areas of life

Parents play their part in the partnership of learning when they

  • ensure their children attend school in good health, regularly and punctually
  • provide support for the discipline within school and the teacher’s role
  • make early contact with school to discuss matters which affect a student’s happiness, progress and behaviour
  • are realistic about their child’s abilities and offer encouragement and praise
  • participate in discussions about progress
  • allow their children to take increasing responsibility as they progress throughout the school.