We understand fully the importance of the decision regarding preferred school.

Parents  will wish to balance a whole range of factors when exploring available options, including the strengths, interests and needs of their son or daughter, the quality of available schools and the logistics of getting to school each day.

We make arrangements for the parents of prospective students to visit the school, including during a normal school day.

Children and young people usually enter the school at Y3 (our Junior Department is for Cathedral Choristers and other children with sufficient proven musical aptitude), Year 7 or transferring from other schools to enter our Sixth Form.

Parents can apply for entry into any year group, and will be admitted if places are available and the student meets any specified requirements.

The school frequently has more applicants than available places.

As a Voluntary Aided school the Governing Body is responsible for School Admissions and here are different requirements and arrangement for Y3, Y7 and Sixth Form.

You will find full details on the pages of this section.