Test of Musical Aptitude - Specimen

Note: If you cannot play the music files on this page, or if nothing appears in the list below please visit the following page for direct access to the files - test of musical aptitude - files page. If you need the specimen test materials on CD please contact Mrs Linda Hallam at the school.

The purpose of this material (the test and the answer sheet) is to show parents and students what sort of questions make up our test of music aptitude, associated with the auditions for entry to the Junior School at the Minster School.

We advise parents / carers to sit down with their son / daughter and help them to try out the questions.

For each of the four sections the voice on the track first explains what children have to do, with examples; then there are five questions for them to try; and then the answers are given so that you / they can see how well they did.

In the actual aptitude test on the day there will be the same four sections, with questions in the same format. Section 1 and Section 3 will each have 10 questions.

It is important that your son / daughter understands what to expect on the day. That way they will have the very best chance of scoring well.

Thank you for your help.

You can download a sheet to record your answers by clicking here.



Section 1 - Two Notes



Section 2 - Two Tunes (Part 1)


Section 3 - Chords

Section 4 - Two Tunes (Part 2)