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Welcome to the eLearning section of our school website

eLearning describes how technology is used to support the learning of students. We are committed to the use of technology in learning and have achieved recognition as a school for our leading practice.

This section details our eLearning vision alongside some of the exciting projects that make eLearning such an important part of our school.

eLearning Awards

We are proud to have been recognised for our use of ICT and new technologies since 2008 with the national ICT Mark award. This award recognises our whole school philosophy and around e-Learning and its impact on student learning. The award also recognises our work with student performance data, esafety and whole school leadership. We were the first secondary school to achieve the ICT Mark award in Nottinghamshire.

3rd Millenium Award

Our school is a 3rd Millenium Award school. This award recognises our whole school philosophy and around e-Learning and its impact on student learning. We were the amoung the first schools in the region to achieve this award, and we will be assessed this year to ensure we have kept the same high standards over the three years since our last review.

ICT Excellence

In 2010 we won a national award for our school's leading practice in curriculum use of technology, particularly the way technology engaged students in school life. The Digital Leaders project (Digital-Leaders) is our next step in ensuring students are actively invovled with our school's e-learning development.

Naace ICT Impact Award

In 2013 John Partridge, our Assistant Headteacher for Student eLearning, was awarded the national Naace Secondary Impact award. This recognises the leading role our school has taken in eLearning in our own centre, and supporting the work of others

Item Award (International Technology in Education Quality Mark)

We achieved this award to recognition of our use of technology measured against international standards. The reviewers complimented the school's wide and innovative use of ICT to create a 21st Century learning environment. You can learn more about the award here: http://www.naace.co.uk/ITEM. We are the first secondary school in the United Kingdom to achieve this award.