Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones at our school

We recognise that some of our students will require a mobile phone to arrange transport home from school, particularly due to our rural placement.

Whilst they can be used positively, there are a number of ways in which mobile phones can disrupt learning and a postive environment. It is important that students consider this when bringing phones and take responsibility for their use.

Mobile phones as aids to learning

Mobile phones, particularly smartphones, have great potential to enhance learning. Examples of this include apps which can be used for learning, access to school e-mails on the move, the use of QR codes to link to learning materials. This is likely to be an area we develop further as devices become more developed.

Our rules of mobile phones & portable devices

  • Students are allowed to have mobile phones in school
  • Mobiles phones must be switched off and put away during lesson time, unless otherwise instructed by a teacher
  • Mobile phones in school are the responsibility of their owner
  • Headphones should not be worn around school