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The Minster School has quickly developed a reputation for e-learning and is a regional leader in this for the use of ICT and New Technologies. The school recently was awarded the Best Whole School for the east Midlands region by Becta in November of 2010. We believe that ICT has enormous potential to motivate and engage young people.

With such a prevailing culture of embracing ICT, at The Minster School we believe in continuing to improve our ICT infrastructure. A critical objective has been to employ a better use of eLearning within the school and to streamline our ICT systems in order for staff to focus on teaching and learning. As a direct result of this we have in operation the SIMS Learning Gateway and the Minster Moodle.

Students have access to a wide range of opportunities for using ICT to support their learning. All our classrooms have interactive whiteboards and most have visualiser technology for digitising teaching resources and student work. Students can book out laptops for use in lessons, as well as a digital cameras and camcorders which can be used for video projects in curriculum subjects.

An exciting new development has been the re-development of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). At The Minster School wwe want to put as much of the curriculum online through a virtual learning environment. This means that when their teacher is absent, students simply log into the workstations in the VLE for immediate access to either their ongoing work or relevant exercises assigned by the absent teacher or department head. The VLE enables work to be tailored towards the individual needs of students and allows teachers to distribute the learning materials to their classes. The VLE allows teaching staff to upload documents, set quizzes, survey opinion and run collaborative wikis.

A major drive in ICT has been to extend and personalise learning through the use of ICT. The development of an extranet and virtual learning environment (VLE), called the Learning Gateway, allows The Minster School to operate as a 24hour school, opening up opportunities for learning beyond the school day. All students have access to their own personal online learning space where they can store their own course materials and assignments in digital form. Our newly implemented VLE allows teachers to deliver personalised learning content to specific students. The VLE is a platform for delivering assignments and lessons over the Web. Learning resources are stored centrally, aligned to curriculum standards to ensure consistency. The Learning Gateway and VLE places students at the centre of the learning experience, strengthens communication between parents, teachers and students, frees teachers up to create more time for teaching and allows students to collaborate and express themselves in new ways.

At Minster students have easier access to learning resources both inside and outside the school environment. The Minster School’s innovative use of ICT also enables parents to support and become more involved in their children’s learning experience. It also frees teachers up to spend less time on paperwork and more energy in the classroom, and to do what they do best…teach!

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