School Comms

Have you registered to receive information from school via Email and/or Text alerts?

To date, over 1200 of our parents/carers and all of our students receive information from school using the SchoolComms system, saving the school time and money whilst helping keep you in touch.

Using Email, and where needed text alerts to your mobile phone, we are able to keep you informed about news updates in school and pass any important information to you quickly.

For more information on how to register and how to get help if you have registered but are not receiving information, please contactLorraine Bailey Tel: 01636 817303 or Email: [email protected]

Please make sure you supply us with a current working email address

If you fail to receive an email via school comms please check your junk mail items folder in your email software(e.g. Microsoft Outlook)

A copy of the letter sent to parents/carers can be viewed by clicking here.

This letter contains instructions that prevents emails sent from our school comms system from being directed into your junk mail folder.