Web 2.0





Students aren’t just leading busier lives than ever — they stay busy by morphing into highly efficient “multimedia machines.” They multitask by texting friends while watching television; finish their homework while listening to their iPod; talk on the phone while spending time with friends. It’s time to close the digital gap. Students have changed, so the way teachers teach must change to keep students engaged in the classroom.

Some of the more popular Web 2.0 tools used in UK classrooms are listed below:

Share video content - www.youtube.com

Share your thoughts - www.twitter.com

Collaborate using Google Docs - www.docs.google.com

Cloud technology for sharing files - Drop Box www.dropbox.com

Blog with others out of school - www.eblogger.com

Create and share audio files - www.audioboo.com

Create beautiful word clouds from text your provide - www.wordle.net