Study Plus at Key Stage 4

What is Study Plus?

Study Plus is an approach designed to support you by strengthening crucial skills in English.  It will help you to improve your work in this GCSE subject lessons and gain better results at the end of the course. It is aimed at students who are not achieving their full potential in English but who will make better progress with some additional support. Study Plus should help you achieve more highly in your GCSE examinations, not only in English, but also in other subjects that depend to some extent on your core literacy skills.  Students will be told if this is the appropriate course for them.

Its aims are to:

  • Accelerate your progress in English to help you obtain a good grade.
  • Increase your motivation and learning in relation to English and other subjects.
  • Strengthen key areas of weakness in literacy.
  • Have a positive impact on your results in all GCSE subjects.

Key features of the Study Plus course:

  • Study Plus is planned as a sequence of English units.
  • Teaching in each unit is focused on curricular targets in English that have been identified as relevant to you.
  • Study Plus links closely to the main learning in English.
  • Study Plus is targeted at students who teachers believe may not achieve a C in English but who have the potential to do so.
  • Study Plus takes the place of the language option.  Students wishing to study a language will be able to choose this as one of their options.

What’s in it for you?

Effective class teaching that helps you with essential areas of English learning that you find difficult. Support for your learning to improve your work and chances of getting good grades in all GCSE subjects. Topics or themes which are designed to interest and motivate you as well as meeting your learning needs.

Contact: Mr M Oxley, Head of English