Supported Learning at Key Stage 4


This course is provided for those students judged to need a more practical curriculum with extra support for English and wider literacy.  Students will be told if this is the appropriate course for them.


These sessions support the English GCSE course.  Students are given the opportunity to study in a small group environment with a particular emphasis on developing their reading and writing skills. 

During the course students are given the opportunity to spend more time preparing for controlled assessments and also for studying the texts as prescribed by the GCSE Examination Board. 

Students are also given the opportunity to practice their writing skills in accordance with the exam board’s requirements.


This is a nationally recognised qualification. Over two years candidates develop their communication, organisational and leadership skills.  The qualification is delivered through 8 mainly practical units.

Leadership is the primary focus and candidates are assessed on their leadership skills and NOT their sports ability.  Candidates are continually assessed against the learning objectives within each of the 8 units. Candidates are also assessed in their ability to plan, organise and lead a number of discrete sessions for young children. 

Candidates successfully completing the 8 units must then complete 10 hours voluntary leadership within The Minster School setting to finally achieve the award.

Contact:       Mrs J Rawcliffe, Curriculum Team Leader for Learning Support