SEND Student Information

From September 2014, SEN provision has been revised in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice (2015), which has been introduced as a response to the Children and Families Act 2014. As a result, School Action, School Action Plus and Statements of SEN have been replaced with:

SEN Support: where a student is identified as having a need which cannot be met through inclusive quality teaching, differentiated for individual students, or the school's usual interventions. Subject teachers are responsible for the student and are firmly at the centre of planning provision with the SENCO and any specialist staff involved with the student.

Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan: An EHC assessment is led by the Local Authority. This can be requested by the School or parents, but callobrative information sharing must precede any request.  An EHC Plan can only be requested if a student has not made expected progress despite targeted intervention through SEN Support, and adherence to the Local Authority's Graduated Response.

All students with known learning difficulties and disabilities will have their needs noted on the School’s SEN/Student Support database to alert teachers to their profile and appropriate strategies for teaching and learning will be suggested by the Curriculum Team Leader for Learning Support. The first response to any learning need will be inclusive quality teaching differentiated for individual students: such students will be noted on the database for ‘Information’.