Junior School Aims

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Aims of the School 

  • To create an atmosphere of caring and purpose derived from commitment to moral and  religious principles

  • To engender a lifelong love of learning

  • To encourage each child to strive for his or her best in intellectual, physical and spiritual  growth

  • To help each child to develop relationships with others which are founded on mutual respect and the pursuit of lasting happiness

  • To encourage and develop leadership and active citizenship within the school and wider community which fosters a sense of dignity, vocation and purpose for every individual

  • To develop and maintain excellence in teaching and learning


Applications can be made for boys and girls with musical ability whose skill and potential will be demonstrated by performance on a musical instrument and / or voice and through a series of aural tests. Entry is by audition with the school’s Director of Music, together with the Head of the Junior School; in addition prospective choristers have a voice audition with the Rector Chori of The Minster.  No academic tests are held but all choristers must be able to read fluently. 

When candidates are accepted into the Junior School they are given the opportunities to develop their own particular musical skills but must learn the piano if not already so doing.

School Organisation

The Junior School has a year 3/4 and a year 5/6 class each having between 15 and 25 students. Whole class, group and individual teaching are used as appropriate and there are times when classes will join together or students will work with other teachers for particular activities such as French, Design and Technology and Music.

Students visit the Southwell Leisure Centre for swimming lessons.