Pastoral Care for Students

Junior School is open from 8.45am every morning at which time the students are greeted by their classroom teacher. Registration starts at 8.50am and a member of staff is with them during any break times. The students have lunch breaks at a different time from other students to ensure that their allocated lunchtime supervisor can keep them together as a group. Peripatetic music teachers collect the students when it is time for their instrumental or singing lessons.

The intermediate orchestra is always attended by a member of staff. Students are supervised at the end of the day, getting on to buses and leaving the premises.

As a small department there is a strong community feel. The students tend to look after each other. Two Junior School students are elected to the School Council to represent the views of the students on whole school issues.

Code of Conduct

The school has high expectations of students’ behaviour. There is a Code of Conduct which all students are expected to follow based on the ideas of care, respect and responsibility. A copy of this is to be found in each student’s personal organiser.

Rewards and Sanctions

Students work best in a disciplined and rewarding environment. They are provided with a reward card for effort and improvement in work, contributing well in lesson time, individual achievements, star of the week and good behaviour / improvement in behaviour. Any student completing a reward card is awarded tokens and treats. Sanctions are used when necessary, including lunchtime detention, loss of break times and (on report) forms.


All students and parents are expected to fully support the wearing of the school uniform.

Our School in the Community

Religious Affiliation and Religious Education

The school is part of the Minster Foundation and actively pursues the ancient tradition of Church Schools in seeking academic excellence within a worshipping community. In addition to regular assemblies for collective worship in school, there are termly Communion Services and End of Term Services in the Minster. We seek to ensure that the religious side of life is acknowledged and discussed openly, in a spirit of enquiry, where diversity is celebrated. The school has developed its own Religious Education syllabus which the Governors have approved. It aims to raise awareness and understanding of the spiritual dimension. As a Church School, the curriculum focuses primarily on Christianity but also explores other religious and ethical questions. The Junior Department has its own chaplain who is there to support the students and to worship with them.

In school we create a culture of giving through “mufti days” and other fundraising events where contributions are sent to local and international charities. Junior School students are encouraged to participate in these events.