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Year 11 Study Skills Evening for Parents/Carers

Feb. 6, 2018
19:00 — 20:30

On Tuesday 6th February we will be holding a study skills evening in school for parents/carers of Year 11 students from 7.00pm – 8.30pm.

The aim of the evening is to help you as parents/carers to further support your children in preparation for and during the exam season. 

During the session we will build on the work that students have begun to do in tutor time and in their different subjects looking at the most effective ways to study with a particular emphasis on revision and exam preparation. In doing so we will be sharing the latest research, giving practical tips as well as alerting you to some of the pitfalls and concerns associated with exam pressure and stress.

The evening is geared for parents/carers but students are welcome to attend as well.

If you are planning on attending the evening please let me know in advance by email at [email protected]

We will make the presentation and resources from the evening available on the school’s website should you be unable to attend.