Old Southwellian Society

A message from the vice president (Hannah Wood, née Watson, 1997-2005)

It is an exciting time for the Old Southwellian Society which helps ex-students and staff to remain in contact once they have left school. We are looking at new ways to engage young people and students from Years 10 to 13 are being directly involved in this by completing an anonymous online survey for us. This is providing us with some great ideas to enable the society to move forward in the future.

Our annual dinner took place on Saturday 23rd April and was another successful evening in which ex-students of the school spent the night reminiscing over some delicious food in the Minster Refectory. We hope to organise more events in the coming year to give further opportunities for people to meet.

Anyone leaving school at the end of this academic year is encouraged to join the Society. You can either join the Facebook group 'Old Southwellian Society' or email our secretary: [email protected]

We wish students taking exams this term all the best and good luck for their results in August.

A message from Hon. Secretary Barrie Doar (1946-1953)

On behalf of the Comittee of the Old Southwellian Society I would like to thank you for this opportunity to introduce / reintroduce the Society, foundered over one hundred years ago.

I understand from the preliminary results of an on-line survey being conducted by our vice-president Hannah Wood, that a very large proportion of respondents have never even heard of the Society. I think that says more about us than it does about you, and for that I apologise. This contribution to your Newsletter is our first step to try and remedy that situation.

You will see from Hannah's message that the aims of the Society include "keeping in contact". Whilst the Committee accept with the development of evermore sophisticated communication technology, it may appear that need for a reunion and the like becomes less and less. With the ability for instant world-wide contact literally at our fingertips, it is easy to question why anything else is needed.

I understand that research has demonstrated that there is no substitute for face to face contact, a fact that was confirmed once again at our 2016 Reunion in April. A Reunion that by the way, chalked up a first, in that we had amongst the diners, our youngest, (potential), member, Andrew Wood, aged 3 months!!! son of vice-president Hannah.

We are aware that many year-groups have gathered at regular intervals over many years, and continue to do so, so why you may ask do we need a Society. The simple answer is that the Society provides continuity and long-term "infrastructure", as it's 100 years + existence has already shown, despite the continuing national demise of past-student groups.

As a Society, communication is a problem, in particular with older members of the ex-student population, due mainly toour database containing out-of-date contact details. So, if you are aware of any past student who would like to be added to our lists, or need to update their contact details, please ask them to send the information to me at [email protected]

One idea that has been discussed recently is the idea of "virtual Committee members". We have already experimented with current Society members, and it has proved very successful. For example it enables those who would really like to be on the Committee but who live too far way to attend our meetings (in Mansfield), to receive the minutes of our meetings and to make comments and contributions as they wish. Might this be of interest to anyone wishing to represent the School, but who, for a host of reasons, would not be able to attend a Committee meeting in person?

Finally, on behalf of our President David Ince, and the rest of the Committee, I would like to wholeheartedly endorse Hannah's wishes to those facing exams and their results over the next few months.