Southwell Minster Girls' Choir is looking for new members!

The choir combines a schedule of rehearsals and services in the historic Minster with occasional concerts, tours, recordings and social trips such as ice-skating and laser-tag! Members of the Girls' Choir, who are paid a termly bursary, sing a service in the Minster each Monday, rehearse on Thursdays and are sometimes required to sing a service at the weekend. On weekdays, all girls in the main school are collected from school and walked over to the Minster, where, on Mondays, they are also provided with food and given some free time before rehearsing.

Girls need not be experienced musicians when they join: they are taught the music as they go through regular rehearsals and through free singing lessons at the Minster School. Benefits of being in the choir include music theory skills, the ability to work as part of a thriving team in rehearsal and performance alike, and the opportunity to create lasting friendships in a group of like-minded and friendly girls.

If any part of the above appeals, why not get in touch with the director, Simon Hogan, who can suggest a time for your daughter to come along and try it out, or just answer any questions you might have. His email address is [email protected]

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