Important Update - Bronze Award 2016

Dear Participants, Parents and Carers

Important Update – Bronze Award 2016

Changes in Duke of Edinburgh Award Delivery

As we mentioned at the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Introduction Meeting in October, Nottinghamshire County Council (as our Licencing Authority) has, over the last 6 months, been undertaking a review of the way in which it supports Duke of Edinburgh. The outcome of that review, we knew, was likely to affect the way in which we deliver the Award at all levels so we have been holding back progressing the registration of Participants and banking cheques until we have visibility of the future. 

We now know the outcome and it is not positive for Minster Open Group both at a constitutional level and at an operating level.

No future for Open Groups in Nottinghamshire

Disappointingly, Nottinghamshire County Council have decided that they will no longer authorise us, and all the other Open Groups in the County, as independent Open Groups to deliver the awards. Consequently, our support/authority will end on 31st December 2015 which means that we cannot progress any participants in Bronze.

We are urgently exploring, with the support of the school, alternative ways to continue to deliver the award, most likely as a School Group. This is not without its challenges and we have only 6 weeks to resolve them.

Even if a solution can be found we are still likely to be delayed in getting started this year.

Operational changes

We had anticipated some changes to operational procedures and some increase in supervision requirements. These changes have been implemented but some additional requirements for overnight supervision from our previous operations have also been flagged – this might require us to seek additional parent help not only for day walks but also to camp overnight. 

Watch this space

On the positive side – Duke of Edinburgh Central have confirmed that Nottinghamshire County Council is now one of a decreasing number of local authorities who are committed to supporting centrally the delivery of the Awards. Many other authorities having reduced support or abandoned the support altogether. That gives us some confidence that the Council will be collaborative and supportive in helping us transition. As soon as we have any further news we will let you know.

Team Managers Meeting – Cancelled

In light of this uncertainty, we have decided to postpone the Team Managers Meeting that was due to happen on Tuesday 8th December 2015 to a date in the New Year – we will let you know.


Bronze Award Team