MSPTA 50/50 Club

A one off yearly entry cost of £10. What happens to your money? Half the money goes directly into the PTA funds to help with your child’s education and the other half is accumulated into three monthly prize draws. The 1st number gains 50% of the winning total with the 2nd and 3rd number winning 25% of the prize money.

Winners are as follows:

April Winners

1st Mrs M Hepworth

2nd Ms M Solomon

3rd Mr T & Mrs K Lukic


May Winners

1st Mr D & Mrs G Barker

2nd Mr D & Mrs G Barker (they have 2 numbers so both won!!)

3rd Mr K & Mrs J Jones


June Winners

1st Mrs M Hepworth

2nd Mrs V Rabanales-Scott

3rd Mr and Mrs Morley


July Winners

1st Mr and Mrs Buckle

2nd Mr and Mrs Bramble

3rd Mr Wright and Ms Black


Congratulations to you all!