School Council





About our School Council

Our School Council is a democratically elected group of students from each year committee. The purpose of the School Council is to represent your views and opinions on a variety of issues and to be a forum for active and constructive student input into the daily life of the school community.

Our School Council benefits the whole school, students and adults, as it gives opportunities for you to communicate your feelings and opinions to teachers and support staff as well as influencing decisions that are made. This enables you to become a partner in your own education.

Issues that might be discussed in the school council include

  • School rules and policies
  • Activities after school
  • Planning for the new school
  • Bullying
  • School equipment
  • School and community fundraising
  • School meals
  • Facilities in school
  • Community issues

Every student has the opportunity to participate in the activities of the School Council through tutor group discussions with the tutor representatives.

Aims of the School Council

The aims of the School Council are

  • To promote your views as students through discussion about issues raised by students and staff which affect the life of the school both in the present and in the future
  • To help the people who make decisions in the school understand and respect your point of view
  • To give you an opportunity to understand and participate in a democratic process
  • To encourage you to understand the negotiation of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in everyday life.
  • To enable you to participate effectively in school and debate and address issues of concern to you both in and out of school
  • To enable you to become a partner in your education with teachers, support staff and parents
  • To give you a real say in how you learn and achieve
  • To promote the school's reputation and to maintain the school ethos
  • To undertake projects that will improve the quality of the school

Our School Council, Year Group and Tutor Group meetings create opportunities for your views to be expressed and heard. With effective communication within school, the decisions that are made can take into account your views and ideas.

The structure of the School Council

Year Committees

At the beginning of the academic year each tutor group elects two representatives from their tutor group to serve on the Year Committee. Year Committees are chaired by the Pastoral Team Leader or his/her nominated representative. Meetings take place as calendared in the school diary.

Agendas and minutes should be issued and published on the school website. From the members of the Year Committee two representatives are elected to serve on the School Council and two representatives are elected to serve on the Food Committee. Students serve on a committee for one year.

How the School Council works

Year Committees

Each Pastoral Team Leader puts together the agenda for the Year Committee Meetings in consultation with the representatives from the School Council, Food Committee and tutor groups.

Tutor representatives elect a secretary during the first meeting of the Year Committee. Agendas and minutes from this meeting are published on the school website. Tutor representatives should make a short presentation to their tutor group to feedback any information from the year committee meeting and to seek student views on any items discussed. Any matters arising from the minutes that are relevant to the whole school should be brought to the meeting of the School Council by the year representatives. Items for the School Council agenda should be emailed to Mrs White, Deputy Head, at least one week prior to the meeting.

After the meetings of the School Council and the Food Committee, representatives should feedback to their Year Committees at the next meeting and tutor representatives should feedback to the tutor group either at the next Monday or Thursday tutor period.

The Sixth form Committee

The Sixth form Committee consists of the Head Boy, the Head Girl and the Deputies in addition to tutor group representatives. The chairs of the sixth form finance, sport and social and entertainment committees are also represented.

The Sixth Form Committee meets fortnightly and is chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl. Minutes of these meetings are published on the school website. The Head Boy and Head Girl meet with the Director of Sixth Form to discuss any issues which have arisen.


The School Council is timetabled to meet every month and has representatives from all years in the school including Junior Department. Meetings are chaired by the Deputy Head;  who takes the minutes jointly with the elected secretary.

These meetings of the School Council are part of a cycle which starts with the year committee meetings followed by the school council meeting. The sixth form committee meets weekly.

The role of the Tutor Group Representative and the School Council Representative

Students who are elected to these roles have been given a very important job to do by the other students in the school. When you are elected other students will expect you to

  • attend all meetings regularly
  • talk to the students you represent, feedback information, ideas and opinions to the School Council keep your Year Committee informed about all discussions which take place in the school Council.
  • express your own views on a variety of issues discussed in the Council.
  • have ideas to share with the Council
  • speak with confidence
  • consider and respect the views of others
  • be identifiable by other students by wearing your badge
  • apologise to the Chair of the Council if you are unable to attend and send a year representative in your place