Christian Distinctiveness Principles

“Our school shows Christianity in a very open and free-choice way. In assembly the staff give everyone a choice whether they want to pray or not and, if they do, they can pray how they want to. Also there are lots of clubs and services which Christians can go to if they want to which is also a good way to deal with things.”    (A student)

As the above comment indicates, students appreciate the tolerant and non-judgemental way in which the school conveys its Christian ethos through worship activities. When surveyed students are very positive about the school’s Acts of Worship making comments like Acts of Worship “make me have a kinder attitude towards people” and they “give me more respect for people with faith”. Other comments include “Acts of Worship enhance our understanding of Christianity and the nature of God” and “they make our faith stronger”.

The values of tolerance, kindness and reconciliation are, according to surveys completed by departments within the school, very evident in other areas of school work. On a recent INSET day members of staff gave many examples including:

• Inclusive teaching through work done in groups of different abilities

• Encouraging participation

• Praise

• Valuing the viewpoints of others

• More able students helping less able

It must be stressed that by no means are all of the school’s teachers Christian and neither is there any expectation that they should be so. Their caring attitude is borne out of a common concern for their colleagues and the students they teach, supporting the whole school ethos.

Christian Distinctiveness Principles