Meet Our Chaplains

Father Matthew Askey, Southwell Minster School Chaplain email: [email protected]
Canon Nigel Coates, Southwell Minster, Canon Pastor
Father Andrew Harding, Roman Catholic.
Canon Jacqui Jones, Southwell Minster, Canon Precentor.
Reverend Helen Nice, Methodist minister.
Pastor Rhydian Hapgood, Southwell Baptist Church.
Reverends Andrew and Cathy Porter, Anglican, Holy Trinity Southwell.

Reverend Andrew Porter

I am the Vicar of Holy Trinity Church in Southwell. I love to see people grow in faith and become empowered in leadership. I am married to Cathy, who is also ordained, and we have three children. I am a great Sci-fi fantasy fan and I love to cook (and eat!).

Reverend Cathy Porter

I am part of Holy Trinity Church, Southwell, where I minister alongside Andrew and the team there. We are relatively new to Southwell, having moved from Liverpool in Autumn 2013.

Andrew and I have 3 children, keep chickens, guinea pigs & love trying to grow our own fruit and veg. In any spare time I get I love all sorts of crafts, and being creative.

Before training for Anglican ministry I studied English Literature amd Language near Liverpool.

I come in to the Minster School to lead collective worship, have helped lead confirmation class and in the coming year I will be involved in the Christian Union.

Chaplaincy Aims and Objectives

It is our aim at the Minster School to provide the very best service and support to our students that we can, and a key part of this is chaplaincy. Our school foundation is firmly rooted in the Christian story and is bound-up with almost 1000 years of a close relationship with the Minster itself. The Christian distinctiveness of our school is something we hold to be of the greatest value for preparing our students for the challenges of their lives, not just in school but in the years to come. The role of chaplains is to share the journey with the students and offer a different perspective – to walk alongside, guide, inspire, and at times ask challenging

questions; to help us open doors and minds to new possibilities. It is also to be a pastor and to point to God in our lives – to tell the Christian story upon which our culture and understanding is built. Having a chaplain present in school for much of the week helps us to exercise the inner-lives of our hearts and motivations, of what we hold dear – a job arguably just as important as exercising our bodies. To help build us up in mind and Spirit - to encourage us to think more deeply and sensitively about our own lives. The chaplaincy team is there as support for all students and staff, whatever their personal beliefs or faith.



The ecumenical chaplaincy team has all of Southwell's denominations represented on it.  The chaplains act as additional mentors within the school's pastoral system and their office, in the 'Heart' area of the school, can be used for non-confidential consultations.  Should students require a confidential interview, such consultations can be held in private, within the constraints of the school's child safeguarding policy.

Chaplains also make visits to tutor groups during their tutor periods and Religious Education lessons.  The team is led by the Residential School Chaplain and that post-holder chairs their meetings wich are held each half term to discuss a range of issues in the school.