Outstanding Facilities

The Minster School moved to purpose built, award winning new facilities in 2007.  We believe that our building is one of the best educational facilities in the region and helps to create an outstanding learning environment.

Years 12 and 13 - the Sixth Form - have their own area within the school building. This consists of a dedicated Sixth Form dining area, a Sixth Form study centre, two small group work study rooms and a large suite with computers for silent Sixth Form study.

New Sixth Form students choosing enrichment activities during Induction 2015.



Year 13 students who all experienced a mock interview with employers offering their time to the school in January 2016.




One of our dedicated private study facilities for students to make best use of their time.



 Sixth Form students experience 1-1 support from tutors.


There are dedicated Sixth Form ICT facilities for quiet study.

Sixth Form students write, organise and perform their own Showcase.



Year 12 students lead a session giving advice and support for Year 11 in relation to their future options.

 The Year 12 Tutor programme hosts our RTC safety day in 2015



Year 13 celebrate success and the end of a great two years with us in 2015