Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School


School Direct Entry Profile

School Direct Trainee Position: Primary
School: Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School, Jacksdale, Nottingham, NG16 5HS
Higher Education Partner: University of Nottingham

What we are looking for...

In this School Direct Trainee position, you will learn to become a skilled, innovative and resilient primary teacher.

You will be working in a middle-sized Primary & Nursery School, and will be placed in either Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. A supportive, experienced, and hard-working staff team will find opportunities to support and encourage you through your training year. As a school, we believe that every individual is valued and makes a valuable contribution to school and we aim to ensure that every member of our community strives to be the very best that they can be – whether this is in fulfilling their academic potential, or experiencing the wider aspects of school life. We promote tolerance and respect for others and are fully inclusive at all levels, believing that every child is entitled to engage with the life in their community-based school. We work hard to ensure that our children learn how to become accountable for their own actions and also how to recognise the need to support others with theirs, so that they are prepared for the challenges and choices they will meet throughout their life.

You will be a member of the newly established consortium of North Midlands schools working with the Minster Teaching School Alliance and Nottingham University, and as such, you will be a member of a tutor group and participate in a wide range of activities offered by both the MTSA and the Consortium.

Why train with us?

An introduction to Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School

Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School is a middle-sized school, with a nursery which offers up to 30 hours provision, with wraparound care. We have a one form entry in F2 and Key Stage 1, progressing to 2 form entry at Key Stage 2 as we have intakes from local infant schools. Currently, we have 231 pupils on roll, including nursery.

Our school is situated in the ex-mining village of Jacksdale, which sits on the border between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, with the majority of our pupils coming from the immediate catchment area (though we are seeing an increase in the number of pupils enrolling from Derbyshire). Our cohorts are predominantly from white, working class backgrounds and this in itself brings challenges on a local level – it is imperative that the British values of tolerance and respect are embedded so that our children are able to engage in the wider world.

Attainment on entry to Foundation is significantly below average, and our academic results have fluctuated in the past 3 years, though with increased opportunities for CPD and quality first teaching, the impact on pupil’s progress and attainment is increasing rapidly. This was particularly evident from our reported results for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 results in July 2017. 23% of our pupils are in receipt of Pupil Premium funding and we have seen the positive impact of using relevant and timely interventions to enable this vulnerable group to achieve the equivalent outcomes, and at times out-perform their peers, in both progress and attainment.

We have strong links within the local community and try to engage with as many stakeholders as possible – establishing links with the local church, businesses, library, and participating in community-based events. We are currently seeking active engagement in local sporting events and this is an area in which we hope to achieve more success. We work in close collaboration with our family of schools and with the wider school community – working alongside a number of schools from across the region to guarantee quality assurance through assessment.

Over the last 3 years, Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School have provided teacher training placements for Nottingham Trent University, Bishop Grosseteste University and Derby University. We also work alongside West Notts College to provide opportunities for teacher assistant training. Of those students who have completed their placements with us, all have been successful in gaining teaching posts with immediate effect – one of the students is currently employed at our school and refused employment opportunities which arose before our vacancy so she could start her career as a member of the Jacksdale team.