Larkfields Infant School


School Direct Entry Profile

School Direct Trainee Position: Primary
School: Larkfields Infant School, Nuthall, Nottingham, NG16 1EP
Higher Education Partner: University of Nottingham

What we are looking for...

In this School Direct Trainee position, you will learn to become an enthusiastic, creative and skilful primary teacher.

You will be working in a small infant and pre-school, and will be placed in either the Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1. A passionate and hard-working staff team will take every opportunity to support and encourage you through your training year. The school emphasises the development of the whole child, and whilst it is proud of its improving academic track record, it places great importance on ensuring all members of the school community are valued, nurtured and cared-for.

In general, we are looking for people who have the potential to become outstanding teachers and school leaders of the future. You should be committed to inclusive and comprehensive education and believe passionately in the difference education can make to young peoples’ lives. You should possess genuine enthusiasm for the subjects you will teach and be able to communicate your understanding to others. Some experience of working with young people will be an advantage.

Your application should demonstrate that you possess:

  • A desire to teach and work with children
  • Effective communication skills
  • A commitment to work hard on the course
  • Determination to succeed
  • A readiness to listen and share
  • A flexible approach to learning and teaching

Why train with us?

An introduction to Larkfields Infant School

Larkfields Infant School is a very popular infant school, located in the heart of a quiet residential area on the outskirts of Nottingham near to Junction 26 of the M1 motorway. It is an open plan school with six teaching areas set in extensive grounds. Numbers have risen steadily over the past few years and in September our number on roll, 180 pupils, will represent full capacity.

Larkfields Infant School provides a rich and varied curriculum with lots of opportunities for children to learn and experience success in many ways. We believe that Larkfields is a school where children enjoy their learning, develop well socially and emotionally, and make good progress across the whole curriculum. Historically, pupils came to the school attaining in line with or above national and local average. However, over the last five years the majority of the cohort have come in attaining in line and below the national expectation and this continues to follow a downward trend. We are beginning to see a change in the characteristics of a typical Larkfields child both in their academic and social skills. Our dedicated and hardworking team is devoted to providing the best possible education for the children. They support one another and assist each other with professional development; this experienced team have the capacity to nurture new trainees.

We have joined MITTA for the forthcoming academic year and are looking forward to welcoming our first trainee teacher this September into FS2.

The school has not had an Ofsted inspection since September 2007 when we were graded ‘outstanding’ in all areas. Perhaps the quote from one of the parents still best sums up our school; ‘Larkfields is a fantastic school, because it’s friendly, well run and committed to every child.’