Mornington Primary School


School Direct Entry Profile

School Direct Trainee Position: Primary
School: Mornington Primary School, Nuthall, Nottingham, NG16 1RF
Higher Education Partner: University of Nottingham

What we are looking for...

In this School Direct Trainee position you will experience teaching all aspects of the Primary Curriculum.

You will be assigned a class base, where you will work alongside a Class Teacher, and have the opportunity to experience and participate in the wider life of the school.

In general, we are looking for people who have the potential to become outstanding teachers and school leaders of the future. You should be committed to inclusive and comprehensive education and believe passionately in the difference education can make to young peoples’ lives. You should possess genuine enthusiasm for the subjects you will teach and be able to communicate your understanding to others. Some experience of working with young people will be an advantage.

Your application should demonstrate that you possess:

  • A desire to teach and work with children
  • Effective communication skills
  • A commitment to work hard on the course
  • Determination to succeed
  • A readiness to listen and share
  • A flexible approach to learning and teaching

Why train with us?

An introduction to Mornington Primary School

Mornington has a wonderful atmosphere where learning and respect is at its heart. You can share this as soon as you walk through the gates. Everyone feels valued and the children develop into caring citizens who are knowledgeable and thoughtful about the world in which they live. Staff work very hard to create lessons and learning experiences which are stimulating and challenging. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the pupils and enable them to make progress everyday!

Mornington is very proud of its exciting, diverse and rich curriculum which serves to enable pupils to enjoy learning and develop skills for lifelong learning embracing the philosophy of inquiry. The school is at the heart of the community and as an outstanding and fully inclusive curriculum. The PTA, School and Eco Council are a key part of the school community for fundraising and supporting enrichment. They are partners in key decisions such as staffing, improvements, pupil voice, problem solving and introducing new families to the school.

Topical and engaging themed weeks are organised with a focus around the Every Child Matters Agenda with cross phase teams planning events to enrich learning and offer the opportunity to apply this to local and global issues. Examples include: “The missing piano”, The Egg, Harvest, Staying Safe and Cyber Safety.

A wide range of enrichment activities develop our pupil’s life experiences and encourage them to try a range of things both familiar and unfamiliar these include a wide range of trips, residentials and extracurricular activities which are rovided and are often oversubscribed and include sports clubs, music tuition to art activities. All children in school are taught French (Ks2) or Spanish (Ks1) which is linked to our Creative Curriculum and underpinned by inquiry based learning. Music is valued throughout the school with a range of individual tuition offered including weekly curriculum music lessons from a specialist music teacher. Mornington Junior Orchestra supports school events and offers an opportunity for those receiving tuition to play in public along with our Ks2 Choir the highlight of these event is the Musical Recital Black Tie Event in March.