Mission Statement

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    At The Minster School we believe passionately in collaboration with other schools.

At The Minster School we believe passionately in collaboration with other schools. Our experience is that by working with others we can both share our strengths and learn from others. We believe in taking a proactive approach to improving and maintaining the school system and, as LA resources reduce, we believe that schools are the key providers of school improvement resources.

A Teaching School Alliance is effectively a voluntary agreement between schools to work together by way of mutual support. There are no structural ties, and no element of sponsorship or control. Alliance members can determine the commitment they make, and indeed this can change over time relating to capacity. Alliance members make a commitment to be active participants.

Initial Themes

The focus of our work will initially be in the following areas:

  • peer-to-peer learning
  • spotting and nurturing leadership potential
  • providing support for other schools when needed
  • working with strategic partners, including universities, to train new entrants to the profession

Through consultation with our Alliance members we have identified the following initial themes :

  • Provision for students with additional needs
  • Literacy support in the transition from KS2 to KS3
  • Values driven leadership including leadership in church school contexts
  • Outstanding leadership in small school contexts
  • Post 16 Teaching and Learning

We welcome approaches from other schools wishing to explore working with us - Joining the Alliance.

Contact Dave Boothroyd, Assistant Head - Director of Minster Teaching School Alliance, [email protected], 01636 817344