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Geography seeks to enable students to develop a sense of themselves within the wider world, through the study of place and people.

The study of complex and contemporary issues allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the dynamic world, and equips them with the skills required to explore and analyse the challenges faced now and in the future.


Mrs F Summers
Curriculum Team Leader - Humanities


You can download a copy of the Geography Learning Journey for the Minster school below.

In Y7, students attend 3 lessons of Geography per fortnight. In Years 8 and 9, students attend 2 lessons per fortnight.  During KS3, we explore topics such as migration, climate change, glaciation, hazards and map skills.

Visits and Events

Y7 visit to Dovedale, Derbyshire- approximate cost £15. Students will also participate in ‘Humanities Day’ in Y8, working in groups to explore policies for a post-Brexit UK.


At GCSE level, students attend 4-5 lessons per fortnight.

Board and Specification


Assessment Components

(May-June of Y11)

Our Natural World (01) (Written Exam) 35%
People and Society (02) (Written Exam) 35%
Geographical Exploration (03) (Written Exam) 30%

Recommended Study Aids

CGP GCSE Geography OCR B


GCSE Geography students will attend two compulsory fieldwork visits as part of their course:

  • Birmingham (Year 10) - Approximate cost £35
  • Burbage Brook (Year 10) - Approximate cost £12