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Welcoming back students - an exciting new chapter...

Some final reminders and information for families as students rejoin us at school in the coming days.

The Minster School is geared up and looking forward to welcoming students back into school from Thursday this week.  We are excited to be able to work with students onsite once more and to provide the best possible experience for them within the parameters set by current restrictions.

The situation for schools has changed frequently over recent months and we anticipate this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.  We are therefore working really hard to anticipate and be ready for a range of eventualities - your support is crucial in making things work.

Start dates and first day back

There is a staggered start to this year with different year groups beginning on different days.  On the first days tutors will be spending time with students to help them understand how things will be working for now in schools.  We will also be making sure new students have the chance to visit all areas of the building and meet their peers.  First days are as follows:

Year Group Start Day Entrance Waiting area
Junior School Thursday 3rd September Junior School Junior School Playground
7 Thursday 3rd September

Park Gate

Basketball Courts
8 Monday 7th September Park Gate BC Courtyard
9 Monday 7th September Park Gate Amphitheatre
10 Friday 4th September Park Gate CD Courtyard
11 Monday 7th September Theatre Fire Doors Heartspace dining area
12 Thursday 3rd September Car Park entrance Heartspace reception end
13 Friday 4th September Caretakers entrance Sixth form area

Members of staff will be on hand at the school entrances to make sure students know where they should be.  The start time each day is 8.50am. 

To help the start of each day run as smoothly as possible we would be grateful if students could arrive knowing their tutor group and tutor room.  This information was sent by email on 22nd July.

Face coverings

You will have received an email already about our arrangements for the use of face coverings by students.  Please make sure your child attends school with a face covering for use when necessary kept in a plastic bag.

Transport and dropping off

School buses will be running on all routes from Thursday this week.  Students using the buses must wear a face covering for the duration of the journey and must follow any instructions given by the driver.

We anticipate there will be more families dropping children off at school.  This could mean significant congestion at the front of the school site.  Could all families please use the long stay car park behind the leisure centre for drop off and collection.  This is a large space very close to the school site.  The small drop off lay-by near the school gate is reserved for emergencies or drop off and pick up during the school day.  No cars into the school car park (unless by special arrangement); its use is reserved for staff, visitors and buses.

A reminder that the full guidance for families (published before the summer) should be read alongside the briefing video, both available by following the link below:
Wishing students the very best with their return to school.  We are looking forward to seeing them all and providing a safe and rich learning experience.
Matthew Parris, Head Teacher
Ben Chaloner, Head of School