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Staggered end to the day from next week

We are introducing a slightly staggered end to the day from next week to help support the safe departure of students from the school site.

Many students at The Minster School travel to and from school by bus and this limits our ability to stagger start times.  However, we are able to control the entry of students into the buildings and have created multiple routes in for different students and separate waiting areas.  These are all detailed in the parent guide which was shared before the holidays.

To further support departure at the end of the day and to avoid different groups of students mixing onsite we will be staggering dismissal.  This will mean a slightly different finish time for different year groups as follows:

Finish Time (M,T,Th,F) Finish time (Wed) Year group finishing Leaving through ...
2.45pm 1.45pm Junior School Junior School Gate
2.50pm 1.50pm Year 7 Park Gate
2.55pm 1.55pm Year 8 Main entrance
2.55pm 1.55pm Year 9 Park Gate
3.00pm 2.00pm Year 10 Park Gate
3.00pm 2.00pm Year 12 Main entrance
3.05pm 2.05pm Year 11 Park Gate
3.05pm 2.05pm Year 13 Main entrance / Caretakers entrance

All buses will depart at 3.15pm, giving time for all students to make their way to the bus park.  It is appreciated that some students will have to wait a few minutes more before departure and staff will be on duty to supervise the buses before they depart.  However, when considering options on balance this is considered to be the best way to achieve an orderly exit of our 1600 students.

We would be appreciative if students and parents/carers don't linger outside the school.

Thank you for your support and consideration.