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Covid-19 Case - Student already isolating

A student who has been self-isolating for a fortnight has been diagnosed with Coronavirus - they have not been in school for their isolation period.
Thursday 24th September 2020

Sadly, a further case of Covid-19 has been confirmed in the school community today, following a test at the beginning of the week.  As with each case in school, we have consulted with the Department for Education Covid-19 support service.  We have followed their advice and guidance and have considered in detail this particular case.

Our critical consideration in each case is whether it is linked to any other confirmed case and whether the diagnosed individual has been in close contact with others.  In this case we can be confident that the individual concerned was not a close contact of any students in school and it is therefore not necessary to send any students home. 

The student has not been in school for a fortnight and therefore does not present an infection risk to others.  This is an example where the processes in place have helped protect others from potential infection - we are grateful for all families following the rules fastidiously to make sure we can continue to offer onsite education and help prevent the spread of a virus which can have serious health implications for some.

Our first concern is for the rapid recovery of the individual affected and we send our very best wishes to them.

A reminder that on any occasion where students need to be sent home every family to whom this applies will be contacted.  The assumption should be that if not contacted, your child can and should attend school, following the guidance and rules already in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.   

In this case no students are being sent home from school.