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COVID-19 testing update

As you will know we have been carrying out COVID-19 testing on students this week in line with the Government requirements that all students should be tested 3 times on their return to school. 97% of eligible students have participated in the testing process. The students so far have been fantastic and we have received a number of positive comments from our community volunteers about their sensible and mature attitude.

For their first test students are required to wait outside until the results of the test have come through which is approximately 30 - 40 mins. However for subsequent tests this isn't necessary and they will come out of lessons, be tested and go back to lessons immediately afterwards.

As a part of the testing process students are given a card with their unique barcode on it. It is important that they use this to register their test in order to receive an email or text from track and trace with their results on it. This should be done within 24hrs of the test being taken. We will of course let them and yourself know immediately if the test is positive.

For those taking part in the testing process, we will be giving out home testing kits to students next week for them to commence using them on the w/c 22nd March. We will send out more details about this process at the start of next week

In the meantime, please find below a copy of the timetable for the 2nd and 3rd round of tests. 


Andy Wall