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Year 11 succeed Together

Minster School students are celebrating after a difficult year 

After the success of Year 13 students earlier in the week, today saw year 11 celebrate receiving their GCSE results. After a disruptive period of education, caused by the pandemic, it has been a day filled with energy, joy and excitement as students opened their results envelope. It was fantastic to be able to share with their success and see them gain the rewards for all their hard work.

This year, the formal exam series cancelled, meaning that students were awarded grades based on a process involving teacher assessment against national standards, internal quality assurance, and external quality assurance by the exam boards. The Minster School used a range of evidence top reach a holistic judgement for each student – the grades that they have been awarded today. Students should be rightly proud of what they have achieved knowing that they are the grades that they have earnt through hard work across the time of their studies. 

Ben Chaloner, Head Teacher, said “The year 11 students have risen to the challenge of the last 18 months and can, today, celebrate the results that they have achieved. Despite their being no formal exams we have been using exam-style assessments, drawing on the assessment materials provided by exam boards, as we think this will produce the most reliable, and therefore fairest, evidence. Consequently, students are receiving grades that they have worked hard for and should be celebrated like any other year. We are looking forward to September when the vast majority of our students will be returning to commence their sixth form studies with us.”