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On Monday 28th January a group of Year 11 students attended GCSE Science Live in Sheffield. We had a wonderful time listening to lectures from Professors Robert Winston, Jim Al-Khalili, Andrea Sella, Steve Jones and Dr. Kate Lancaster.

The students learnt about current research in genetics, human fertilisation and nuclear fusion, as well as hearing fantastic explanations about theories linked to space and time travel. Professor Sella’s demonstration of phase diagrams using dry ice in a plastic bottle was particularly engaging, as well as being very loud when the bottle exploded. The students really appreciated the opportunity to listen to such well respected scientists, and found the whole session to be very inspirational.
‘I really enjoyed the experience, Jim Al-Khalili was the best, can’t wait for time travel to become real.’ – Frankie
‘I really enjoyed Science Live because all the presentations were unique and extremely interesting. As someone who likes science the whole thing was generally appealing, but the fact that we got to learn about things we don’t in school really fascinated me, especially the time travel and nuclear fusion.’ - Emma