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Become a Minster Leader for Education

In September 2022 we will be inviting applications from colleagues in Minster Learning Alliance member schools for the designation of ‘Minster Leader of Education’ (MLE).

An MLE is somebody who:

  • Has expertise and experience of success in their area(s) of specialism
  • Has an interest in and willingness to support the professional development of others
  • Has successful experience of one or more of the following:
  • Improving practice and outcomes beyond their own school
  • Expert coaching and mentoring of colleagues
  • Delivery of Professional Learning to colleagues within and beyond their own school
  • Has the support of their Head Teacher in their application
  • Has the support of their Head Teacher to be deployed to support school improvement, offer coaching and mentoring or deliver professional learning as part of Minster Learning Alliance activities.

All MLEs will receive ‘core training’ which covers the way we work together successfully. All MLEs will also join our ‘MLE Community’, offering ongoing networking and training. We believe that recognising the knowledge, experience and skills of staff through the MLE designation provides excellent experiences and professional development for MLEs, and a chance to invest in, retain and develop staff for schools.

All deployments are negotiated with the MLE’s Head Teacher and involve financial recompense for the MLE’s school to enable release time.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the role of an MLE, please contact Dave Boothroyd, Director of the Minster Learning Alliance:  01636 551 108.