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The following Cross-Phase opportunities are available:

Managing Difficult Conversations 

Due to the popularity of this course, the Minster Teaching School Alliance is pleased to be able to offer a third twilight training session on the subject of Difficult Conversations. The two hour workshop will include:

  • Key features to bear in mind when planning a difficult
  • conversation
  • Key strategies to use in a difficult conversation
  • What to do if the difficult conversation does not have
  • the desired impact
  • Sharing examples of challenging behaviour and
  • practising the difficult conversation

The session will be aimed at staff with a middle or senior leadership responsibility, although would be relevant to all staff leading others in schools.

If your school is interested, please send us an email and we will add you to our register of interest for 2019-20 - 

Some feedback from previous participants:

"I found the course very useful.  I used several of the strategies that were discussed at the workshop in a conversation this week and the outcome was very positive!"
"The whole course was great - it made me think about the way I need to deal/speak to people when having difficult conversations."
"Very good structure with well prepared resources that I can use or adapt. Good delivery from different perspectives."
"Good to realise that other people feel the same/may be in the same situation.  Role plays worked well. Good to think about what might happen if we don't have that conversation."
"The content of the course and the way in which it was delivered - friendly, informative, role play! Taking it to our own setting - thinking of our own examples."

'A School Without Marking' - Case Study

The Minster Teaching School Alliance is pleased to be able to offer a twilight session on the subject of ‘A school without marking’.

Teacher workload, retention and the effectiveness of marking have been ‘hot topics’ in education over the last few years. This session, hosted at the Minster School and delivered by Manor Leas Junior Academy, provides colleagues with the opportunity to consider a case study of one of the member schools in the Minster Teaching School Alliance who have taken the decision to abandon traditional marking, to benefit both teachers and children.

The session will include:

  • The rationale and evidence base for the changes made at Manor Leas
  • A discussion of the marking and feedback policy introduced and what this looks like for teachers in the classroom
  • The chance to look at the impact, in terms of pupil outcomes, work in books and teacher workload
  • The chance to discuss these issues with school leaders and teachers

Who is it for?

The session is aimed at school leaders who are concerned about these issues and teachers who want to have the maximum impact on the progress of children they teach in the time they have available.

If your school is interested, please send us an email and we will add you to our register of interest for 2019-20 - 

Some feedback from participants:

"Brilliant way of sharing a new idea. Really inspiring. Staff open and honest and presented very well. Nice to see real life examples."
"Excellent explanation of journey and reasons behind approach. Great use of examples and explanation of application in school. Engaging and approachable speakers."
"Lots of food for thought - very inspiring. Thank you!"
"Clear, well-delivered, human, honest."
"Absolutely brilliant presentation. So refreshing to see the impact that it is having particularly on staff wellbeing."
"Well presented - lots to consider for our school."

Creating an Excellent Customer Care Culture in the School Reception Area

Rising above it all! - Creating an excellent Customer Care culture in the School Reception Area

The Minster Teaching School Alliance is pleased to offer training for reception staff to help provide or improve the skills needed for busy and often challenging school reception areas and is suitable for primary and secondary schools.  An experienced course leader from the Regional Training Agency will provide participants with detailed guidance on -

  • Working under pressure - techniques that work
  • Successfully managing confrontational situations
  • Developing assertiveness skills
  • Dealing effectively with aggression and conflict
  • Knowing what to do when things go wrong
  • Dealing with common mistakes and how to avoid them

If your school is interested, please send us an email and we will add you to our register of interest for 2019-20 - 

Some feedback from participants:

"Thank you for an informative course. I feel I have benefited from it!"
"Training was very group involved and it was good to see other people’s experiences in the office."
"Brilliant session! I often struggle with self confidence & asserting myself but I have found the session really useful.  There are aspects of the course which I will use professionally & in my home life. Thank you!!"
"Really engaging, really enjoyed today & all the laughs!"
"Very informal but informative & useful. Pitched just right & a lovely group of people to work with!"

Business/Office Manager Network 

There are school business/office manager meetings for MTSA members only, which meet once a term as a self-supporting group to discuss matters of interest and share ideas – these are free of charge, held at The Minster School, 9.30-11.00am.

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 8th May 2019.

Should you wish to join this network please email Trish O'Malley, Teaching School Administrator

Behaviour Management for TAs and Cover Supervisors

This course is suitable for Teaching Assistants, Cover Supervisors and Technicians who cover staff absence or who support teaching and learning in primary or secondary schools.

During the training participants will learn about a range of tools and techniques which can be put into practice in school to prevent and manage disruptive behaviour.


  • Establishing and enforcing appropriate ground rules
  • Effective strategies for preventing disruptive behaviour
  • Using rewards, sanctions and punishments appropriately
  • Pro-actively managing difficult behaviour and de-escalating angry situations
  • Keeping your cool when the going gets tough!
  • Building a positive rapport with students

The cost via the MTSA is anticipated to be £100-£150 per person depending on numbers (no VAT charged) and includes all resources, lunch and refreshments.  A reduction in cost may be offered to schools wishing to send more than one member of staff.

We are currently keeping a register of interest and will confirm a course date once the required numbers are reached.

Please email Trish O'Malley, Teaching School Administrator to register.

Mental Health First Aider Course

What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course, designed to teach people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. 

A copy of our flyer can be downloaded for further information.

Pilgrim School and Ash Villa School will be running this  two-day Youth MHFA course at the Minster School, Southwell in the Spring Term 2019.  Dates to be confirmed shortly.  

The cost per delegate will be £250 (£225 for Alliance Members) which include refreshments and course materials. 

Please email Trish O'Malley to register your interest.

Supporting Students with Mental Health Issues in a Mainstream Setting 

This workshop is aimed at teachers and support staff from primary and secondary schools. We are seeing increasing numbers of students experiencing poor mental health at a time when the services traditionally available to support these young people are less accessible. This workshop, delivered by two experienced practitioners, aims to give colleagues in mainstream schools a range of practical strategies to support students.

Please email Trish O'Malley to register your interest for 2019-20.

A copy of our flyer can be downloaded for further information.

Some feedback from previous participants:

"I have a good understanding of mental health issues but from an adult perspective. This was very helpful in relation to applying the knowledge in school."
"Highlighted strategies we are doing well but also things that we are doing wrong. This will allow us to adapt our practice."
"Well delivered and informative."
"This subject should be in child protection for all teachers at beginning of year."