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Design and Technology is taught by specialist DT teachers in the main secondary school. 
The Junior department have one lesson per fortnight and follow a rolling four-year (A, B. C and D) programme of study – this works out at approximately 20 sessions per year. Due to the groups being comprised of Years 3&4 or 5&6, it is necessary that each of the years in the two-year programme be able to run in either order so that no pupil is repeating content. Both years focus on core designing and making principles and should be delivered in such a way as to require deeper understanding and wider competence with groups of year 5&6 pupils than they have attained in Year 3&4.


Below is the curriculum map, overview of Key Stage 2 objectives and a map of the objectives over the four-year cycle which shows the progression of skills and knowledge in Design and Technology across Key Stage 2.