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Our SLEs 

We are delighted that we have designated 20 Specialist Leaders of Education, outstanding middle and senior leaders who are committed to supporting colleagues and developing leadership capacity across the Alliance and beyond.

Primary Phase

Aimee Chick - EYFS, Phonics 


Aimee has 18 years of primary teaching experience, 3 of those as Assistant Head Teacher at her current school.

She was responsible for planning and developing a fully integrated EYFS unit in the new school build and has extensive experience in managing both the EYFS curriculum and staff. Under her leadership the EYFS results have been consistently above the national average and reflect accelerated progress from children’s low starting points.

Teaching is her passion and Aimee has successfully completed the National Professional Qualifications for Middle and Senior Leadership (NPQML & NPQSL). She is an EYFS moderator for the Local Authority and is responsible for training both teaching and teaching assistant students within her school.

Her work on leading phonics in school is testament to her understanding of how young children learn to read, and the system she has written and implemented, starting from Foundation 1 up into Key Stage 2 has directly impacted upon whole school phonics data, which is consistently above the national average.

Aimee is looking forward to working collaboratively with other professionals to share her passion and enthusiasm for the EYFS and phonics.

Anita Mehan - Maths, CPD, Leading on Learning – Improving Provision within the Classroom 

Anita is the Head of School at Sutton Road Primary School. Whilst being part of the Senior Leadership Team at this school Anita has played a significant role in three formal partnerships brokered by the Local Authority. Her responsibilities have included identifying and prioritising needs in different settings, developing relationships with staff in other schools, being supportive and challenging where necessary, delivering staff meetings and embedding accountability. 

Anita plays a significant role alongside the leadership team in delivering CPD to improve the quality of teaching and learning which has resulted in over 80% of lessons now being judged as Good or better. She has also supported the head teacher in delivering workshops for the Local Authority on ‘Leading on Learning’ (improving provision within the classroom using videoing techniques), which has been rolled out to head teachers and deputies across Nottinghamshire.

Erica McGinley - Early Years, Maths, Moderation, Intervention 

Erica is an outstanding middle leader and Deputy Head who has an excellent knowledge of Early Years’ education.  Erica has led the Foundation Stage team at Lowe’s Wong Infants since September 2010.  She has used data analysis, tracking, Mentoring and coaching to support staff in improving the outcomes for children Developing staff knowledge and the learning Environment, alongside planning and assessment structures.

Erica is a moderator for the EYFS Profile, she moderates teacher assessments in schools across the county, to ensure that teachers have a clear understanding of the necessary assessment procedures and to agree standard levels of attainment.  Erica has always been an active member of the County’s Foundation Stage network, and the Minster Family of schools moderation cluster groups, facilitating moderation activities. 

Erica is a Primary Mastery Specialist and Mathematics Lead, she has lead the implementation of whole school problem-solving and maths target setting in AT1. She is currently at the forefront of Mastery teaching within school through the Singapore Textbook project and has been leading Early Years maths projects for the Maths Hub.  She is an active member of the Minster teaching schools Network.

She attends the family’s KS1 Cluster groups, within her role as and has led training for the family of schools on problem solving.  Erica is an excellent facilitator and has led many staff meetings and Inset days at the school.

Erica has Responsibility for the implementation of interventions for Pupil Premium children, tracking and monitoring children’s progress. Developing staff skills and knowledge to target additional support.

Gareth Rich - Maths, Leadership of Curriculum, CPD, Initial Teacher Training, NQT, RQT 

Gareth is currently in his sixth year as a teacher and is the Curriculum Coordinator of Maths and PE.  He has played a significant part in increasing the engagement in both subjects. Gareth has ensured that Maths and PE at his current primary school allows for clear progress and offers a well-rounded learning journey to all children.

Gareth has delivering staff meetings linked to the idea of ‘Mastering Maths’. Within his class, he encourages a ‘can-do’ attitude to Maths and all subjects.

This past year, he has also delivered a teacher workshop, called ‘Marking Mayhem’, which was full of quick wins in order to mark more effectively – resulting in a more manageable teacher workload, whilst being in the best interest of the children.

Gareth is someone who thrives on supporting others and at the same time receiving support from his colleagues as it is through interactions that ideas are formed and they allow for continual informal CPD.

He is particularly keen to support Newly Qualified and Recently Qualified teachers, guiding them through the learning process and helping them to reflect on their practice.

Leigh Symmons - Early Years, Leadership of Curriculum, CPD, Closing the Gap, Behaviour 

Leigh is consistently an outstanding class teacher, is innovative and dynamic in her teaching style and in her approach to new ideas. She has high expectations of herself and as a result expects the same in others. She has deep understanding of what constitutes outstanding teaching and learning and of the process, skills and mind set required to achieve this. This has been recognised by Ofsted in 2007 and 2010 and by the School Improvement Service. 

Leigh has been a member of the leadership team at her current school since September 2005. Over this time she has continually developed her leadership and management skills and Leigh is able to lead and motivate staff, demonstrating this through her work as part of the Middle Leadership programme, whole school improvement initiatives and most recently through the National College and Local Leaders of Education support work.

Leigh is also an accredited facilitator for the Improving and Outstanding Teacher Programmes.

Mark Backhouse - Maths, Outstanding Teaching Practice, Leadership of Foundation Curriculum, Developing Coordinators & Middle Leaders, Initial Teacher Training, NQT Assessment, PE 

Mark has been a primary teacher since September 2010 where he has spent the majority of his career teaching Year 6. Through this, he has gained an extensive understanding of the end of KS2 expectations (along with assessment) and providing challenge for the gifted and talented pupils – in the 2014 SATs over half of his class achieved a Level 6 in mathematics.

Mark is a consistent, outstanding practitioner, who often shares best practice with school staff and those from outside of school. Under his leadership responsibilities, he has coached coordinators, NQTs and under-achieving staff to develop their classroom practice, plus acted as a tutor to university students on final teaching placements. He has trained as an observer under Cambridge Education, receiving a distinction for the qualification.

At his previous school, Mark previously lead on the foundation subject curriculum, which encompassed maintaining the school’s focus on its status as a gold Food for Life flagship school – he was one of the key players in leading the school to achieve the first ever Department for Education (DfE) School Food Achievement Award in July 2015. Mark is now leading on the Maths curriculum at his current school.

Mark has a passion for incorporating new technologies into the curriculum and, as a result, has been a Microsoft MIEE (Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert) since 2016. He was also chosen to represent Samsung Education at the BETT show in 2017, sharing his expertise of using computing in the classroom to redefine learning.

Through his SLE role, Mark has provided one-to-one coaching and mentoring to a range of schools across his specialisms, delivered an outstanding teaching course plus delivered whole-school INSET to a group of developing curriculum leaders.

Paul Summers - Maths, Assessment 

Paul has 9 years’ experience of working in a Primary School, teaching across Key Stage 2 and as a Deputy Head Teacher with a focus on improving teaching and learning across the Primary Phase.

In support of his passion for teaching, Paul is an advocate for Evidence-Based teaching to improve the quality of teaching and learning from Foundation Stage to Year 6. He works in close association with the Nottingham Trent University and the Teaching School Alliance to promote the value of teacher-led inquiry to lead school development.

Paul has a passion for collaboration with colleagues to coach and mentor them to improve their classroom practice. As a Maths Specialist Teacher (MaST), his coaching ethos is used to draw the best from colleagues and he uses role-modelling techniques to inspire staff in the spirit of school-led CPD. Paul believes that it is vital to spark enthusiasm with these groups to support teacher retention and reflective practice.

Paul has delivered continued professional development (CPD) to a range of audiences from one-to-one subject leader support to whole-school insets. CPD has included a range of areas including assessment and feedback, bespoke support for subject leaders, challenge and flexibility, NCETM research projects and teaching maths for conceptual understanding.

Rachel Hallam - Early years, EYFS/KS1 leadership, English/phonics, subject leadership, CPD including TA training, Initial Teacher Training, NQT & RQT 

Rachel is a professional, dedicated and committed teacher with a proven track record of outstanding leadership across the Primary phase.  Her career spans three schools over 20 years.  She has led at all levels, from leadership roles in school, school to school support to delivering INSET days, with expertise in EYFS and phonics.  Currently she holds the role of SENCO and is undertaking the National SENCO award.

Rachel’s main strengths are her ability to coach and mentor others. She is passionate about initial teacher training and has worked for Nottingham Trent University, delivering Early English, Education development and Primary Art.  Rachel wrote and delivered the EYFS days for the SCITT and delivered the NQT/ RQT programmes.

Rachel is eager to develop professionally and supports and facilitates this for colleagues within her own and support schools.  She is most proud of her record to grow leadership capacity in others.  Over the years she has coached and mentored 10 NQT’s and three students from Sheffield Hallam University.  She is always pleased to hear how they are getting on and shares their successes.

Primarily Rachel is a good listener, who recognizes the importance of valuing all colleagues and their opinions.  She believes strongly in working collaboratively to raise achievement and progress. One of her key strengths is the ability to enable children to make rapid progress. 

Rachel is a ‘people’ person who is approachable and friendly.  She has built excellent professional and personal relationships, gaining the confidence and trust of colleagues, parents, children and governors.

Ruth Spencer - Primary Mathematics, CPD 

Ruth, a teacher for over ten years, is currently a member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for maths at Lowe’s Wong Anglican Methodist Junior School.  Recognised as an outstanding practitioner, she is valued for both for the quality of her teaching and for her ability to offer high quality CPD to staff. 

Following the successful completion of the Maths Specialist Teacher Programme (MaST) through Nottingham Trent University (NTU), she was invited to collaborate with NTU on a joint research project focussing on the implementation of Singapore Bar, the findings of which she has presented at education conferences across the country.  Ruth has also been a guest lecturer on NTU’s PGCE and B.Ed courses, presented at Maths Subject Leader Network events and has provided CPD in schools through staff meetings and INSET days, as well as on a one-to-one basis through coaching, lesson study and team teaching.   She has a particular interest in developing the use of practical manipulatives in Maths, talk for Maths strategies, Singapore Bar and other visual representations and pupil reasoning.  She has a keen interest in Teaching for Mastery, and has provided CPD on aspects of this.

Ruth has taught across the whole of Key Stage 2, including leading the Year 6 team.  In her current role, Ruth has taken an active role in the development, monitoring and evaluation of Maths across the school. This year she is taking part in a Teacher Research Group focussing on Mastery in Maths. 

Sally Harvey - Special Educational & Disability Needs, Closing the Gap, Appraisal 

Sally has worked in primary sector for over 20 years and has gained valuable experiences through a wide range of different roles.  Sally leads and monitors the impact of the provision of the Teaching Assistant team and has developed Appraisal processes for the team which mirror the structure used for teaching staff.

Sally provides relevant CPD for any of these team members to support their development and ensure consistency and development within the school. Sally is currently the Executive Inclusion Leader at Holgate Primary School, which is the school that Sutton Road has entered into a collaboration with.  

Sally leads the Special Educational and Disability Needs provision at two primary schools and directs the TA teams prioritising the high quality inclusivity of the schools, with a clear focus on the narrowing the gap agenda for vulnerable groups of pupils for progress and attainment. 

Samantha Taylor - PSHE, SMSC, Music, Teaching & Learning 

Samantha is currently the Acting Assistant Head at her current school and has been on the Senior Leadership Team since 2014. She has taught in both Key Stages 1 and 2 and is the lead of teaching and learning.

As part of her leadership, Samantha has developed the role of the SEBCO (Social, Emotional and Behavioural Coordinator). This has involved thinking of innovative ways to develop a positive climate for learning at the school and supporting the emotional wellbeing of our pupils. Samantha works with staff, families and pupils to maintain excellent behaviour at the school and is able to lead and motivate staff through whole-school initiatives. As part of her role as SMSC lead, Samantha has visited Bosnia and promoted ‘The Lessons of Srebrenica’ across the county. Samantha is also the curriculum leader for music which is a real passion of hers after studying music at university.

Samantha is somebody who thrives on supporting others and has successfully supported colleagues from other schools in the development of their teaching and learning and behaviour management. Her aim is to ensure that all children across the county receive the best possible opportunities.

Secondary Phase

Charlotte Duckett - English, CPD for Teaching and Learning Strategies 

Charlie is an outstanding English teacher and has held various TLR posts within the department. Prior to having her son, Charlie was Leader of Teaching and Learning for English and before that was Inclusion Leader for the Communications faculty so has a wealth of experience working with a range of SEND and vulnerable pupils.  

Charlie has helped to lead the faculty through a number of curriculum, assessment and data initiatives which have allowed pupils of all abilities to achieve. She has a great deal of experience in training and has led on whole-school and county-level Insets on Literacy and Inclusion. She has also provided bespoke CPD for groups and individual members of staff on various Teaching and Learning strategies in order to maximise pupil progress and outcomes.

Gareth Summers - English/Science, Leadership of Curriculum, Behaviour & Safety, MAT School Improvement 

Gareth is an outstanding teacher and an outstanding leader of English. He has been teaching English for fourteen years.  Under Gareth’s leadership, the English Faculty at his current school has consistently delivered results that rate amongst the best in the country.

Due to his outstanding record of accomplishments, Gareth gained promotion to the role of School Improvement Partner. This role enabled Gareth to work across the Trent Academies MAT supporting the development of English and leading improvement across a diverse set of departments.  Gareth has used his skills in analysis of data and his deep understanding of outstanding English provision to work closely with three other English departments effecting positive change.

Gareth understands how an outstanding department works and has a very clear vision for how such a department supports and drives whole school improvement. Gareth is able to see the ‘bigger picture’ of school improvement and supports this at his current school and throughout the MAT. His skills of prioritisation and action planning in order to bring the best out of people and facilitate improving systems are invaluable.

Helen Ashton-Braithwaite - Design & Technology, Leadership of Curriculum, Mentoring 

Helen is a skilled leader who has led her team to outstanding results. She has improved the quality of teaching and learning, assessment, tracking and focussed intervention in order to achieve this. In addition, Helen has been responsible for the development of many colleagues at various stages of their career from NQTs to Middle Leaders. She has delivered CPD and INSET training to whole-school audiences and departmental teams. The areas of training covered include curriculum development, life without levels, assessment for learning and quality assurance of tracking and intervention.

Helen supports a range of other schools as part of her continued outreach work and she maintains communication after the event to ensure that progress can be sustained on a long-term basis. The breadth her experience allows her to support in a range of key areas and from Key Stage 3 through to A Level.

Nick Brown - Leadership of Curriculum, MFL, ITT, NQT 

Nick has 13 years’ experience of working in secondary schools, teaching Modern Foreign Languages and is currently Curriculum Team Leader at this current school.

Nick has led Teaching and Learning across 2 schools as an Assistant Head Teacher and delivered CPD sessions as a facilitator and QA lead.   His main areas of expertise are questioning, AfL and differentiation and in addition his Master’s includes research and coaching in this area.

Nick has worked on behalf of The Schools, Students & Teachers network as the National Senior accredited Lead Practitioner for MFL, the CfBT Education Trust as an advisor, at County and National Level, and the Association of Language Learning.

Nick has shared innovative practice at national level and co-authored a textbook and has worked with exam boards as a Principal Moderator and Chief Examiner for French and has a particular interest in data, assessment and outcomes.

Cross Phase

Andrea Chapman - Music, CPD, Teaching & Learning Community Lead 

Andrea is an outstanding secondary teacher of Music and the Nottinghamshire CPD Music Hub network co-ordinator.  As Head of Music at the National Academy Andrea helped to lead the music department through a number of curriculum changes, assessment and data initiatives and successfully supported members of staff within her department.  

At her current school Andrea leads a Teaching and Learning Community supporting colleagues in their chosen enquiry.   As one of the lead co-ordinators in the Music Hub Network Andrea is responsible for coordinating and facilitating partnership work between schools developing joint projects and delivering school-to-school support when necessary. 

Andrea has responsibility for delivering sessions to support and challenge the work of other Heads of Music in the Nottinghamshire area.  This has involved supporting and sustaining groups across schools that meet and work together on developing systems and structures in areas such as the curriculum, progress, pastoral care and increasing student participation in Music.

Angela Zannetou - Technology, Art & Design, Leader of Curriculum, CPD, Curriculum Progression, Quality Assurance and Assessment 

Angela is an outstanding Middle Leader, having been the curriculum team leader of Technology Art and Design since 2006 and having successfully led the faculty through curriculum and assessment changes, working with her team to create a curriculum which supports all aspects of a student’s educational experience.   She has successfully supported colleagues from other schools at different levels with a focus on curriculum progression, quality assurance and assessment, as well as development of GCSE and A level courses and assessment for learning.  

Angela has delivered CPD to a range of audiences from smaller specific groups to whole-school Inset. CPD has included a range of areas including assessment and feedback, behaviour management, language for learning and literacy across the curriculum, differentiation, questioning for learning, as well as coaching colleagues through a range of programmes, including Middle Leadership programme and Masters Study.

Hannah Wallis-Windle - Music, Cultural Education (Arts) 

Hannah has extensive experience in music education and has successfully led Music and Performing Arts departments in high achieving schools since 2009.  In these roles Hannah has led the expansion and development of music, working with curriculum changes, student engagement and extensive enrichment programmes.  Under her positive leadership departments have improved examination results and subject uptake considerably whilst balancing active and successful extra-curricular profiles.

Over the past 8 years Hannah has delivered professional development opportunities to a range of individuals and organisations; from bespoke CPD projects delivered to whole schools to 1:1 school support.  She has supported teaching staff and leaders with curriculum delivery, department development, staff support, assessment at primary and secondary music level and the role of music in a successful school.  Hannah is actively involved in the Nottinghamshire Music Hub and delivers Primary and Secondary Music Network days along with her Music SLE colleagues.

Hannah has delivered keynote talks for a range of cultural services, including museums and Arts Council England bridge organisations and in 2012-2013 worked with the DfE on their National Cultural Education in Schools programme.  Hannah has a passion for promoting high quality and creative music and performing arts education, with a strong emphasis on encouraging both staff and students to explore their potential and aspirations.

Jacqueline Straw - School Business & Financial Management 

Jacqueline has a strong business, finance and human resources background.  She has worked in schools as business manager/director for twelve years and has five years’ experience as an internal auditor (specialising in school audits for one year).  She is AAT qualified (Association of Accounting Technicians); holds the Diploma in School Business Management (DSBM); has a BA honours degree in School Business Management and holds the Cipfa Accounting for Academies qualification. 

Jacqueline has worked in both the primary and secondary sector and in both maintained and academy schools.  She is an active member of several networks locally, including the National Association of School Business Management (NASBM).  Acts as a mentor for students studying the Certificate in School Business Management (CSBM) and DSBM courses.

Through her SLE role Jacqueline has been deployed to support where there is a new business manager in place, this has proved to be very successful.

Jayne Ireland - Maths Teaching for Mastery, Core Maths, CPD, ITT, NQT 

Current role:  Maths Hub Lead, Teacher of Secondary Maths


Our MLEs

We are delighted that we have designated 21 Minster Leaders of Education, who will be involved in a range of activities including, for example, contributing to professional learning (INSET), leading, teaching and learning communities, coaching colleagues, leading Teaching School programmes and potential deployments to other schools. 

Primary Phase

Alison Taylor - English, Maths, Assessment, Leadership of Curriculum, CPD 

Alison is an outstanding teacher, who has had experience across the full primary age-range in a variety of different contexts. 

The consistent delivery of ‘quality first teaching’ is at the top of her agenda, and she promotes this in a variety of ways.   Since becoming Head of School, Alison has taken responsibility for the professional development of all members her team.  This has involved leading INSET and training events, as well as mentoring and coaching activities.  Alison regularly works alongside teachers in the classroom offering personalised support in an encouraging manner.   She has a wide range of practical strategies to ensure that all groups of children, especially those with special educational needs, can progress in every aspect of learning.  This includes social skills, emotional development and spiritual awareness as well as academic achievement.  Alison has excellent subject knowledge, especially in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

Alison takes her own professional development very seriously and is currently involved in a project with the charity ‘Achievement for All’ with the aim of creating a publication for teachers on developing resilience in young children.

Amanda Crossland - Maths, Behaviour and Management, children’s books, coaching and mentoring of NQTs, staff new to leadership and staff working on support plans 

Amanda is a Head Teacher with extensive leadership experience in Foundation, KS1 and KS2. Two years ago she was seconded to a Primary in special measures and took responsibility for CPD, Teaching and Learning and Maths. She mentored and coached staff at every level and led the school in developing a whole school approach to behaviour and discipline. Within 18 months the school were judged as ‘Good’ and the final Ofsted Report described her as being ‘excellent’ and ‘inspirational’.

Amanda is an outstanding practitioner and has been a Maths Leader for 18 years. She is currently working with other schools to improve children’s books across the curriculum, including developing highly-effective, yet manageable marking and feedback policies.

Gemma Higgins - English 

Gemma is a highly committed practitioner with a passion for English and experience across key stages.  She has experience in developing the Creative Curriculum and currently, is Writing Co-ordinator, working alongside the senior leadership team and colleagues across year groups. 

Gemma has a natural willingness to find solutions to maximising the impact of systems, for example, marking policies and assessment tools, and has been responsible for implementing new initiatives to enhance writing. 

Gemma has gained an Ma in Education, which has led to action research into pupil voice and how to empower children in their own learning.

Jane Okiwe - Phonics 

Jane is a KS1 teacher who over the last few yours has helped to transform the way phonics is taught in her current primary school.

Over the years in her teaching career, Jane has trialled numerous approaches to teaching phonics, as well as having attended training for this subject. These experiences have helped provide Jane with an in-depth understanding of how best to develop children’s early phonetic skills. Also, they have enabled her to keep up to date with current thinking, best practice and assessment requirements.

Jane is passionate about engaging children in fun and active learning which has in turn helped to raise standards and add value. Jane has re-written planning, produced a scheme of work and resources. This new approach has helped engage pupils as they are learning through games and repetition of skills. Children are now excited to learn and take part in lessons, as are the teachers delivering them.

The success of this new approach has been highlighted in the school’s performance, in the last few years, of the Year 1 Phonic Screening Check.

Jane looks forward to sharing her passion and enthusiasm for phonics, working collaboratively with other professionals.

Kate Charlesworth - Religious Education, Mentoring 

Kate has been teaching in Key Stage 1 at her current primary for three years. The school has recently been awarded outstanding status in the Schools Inspection for Anglican and Methodist Church Schools. She has worked previously as a Leading Maths teacher for Leicestershire County Council.

Kate is excited by the possibilities Religious Education offers as it provides opportunities for children to question, challenge and extend their thinking.

Over the past two years Kate has been working with a number of schools piloting the ‘What if learning’ project and would be keen to share this experience with others.

Kate is part of the Church of England group for the Nottinghamshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education.

Kelly Beanland - Leadership of Curriculum, English, Phonics, PE, ITT, NQT 

Kelly has successfully taught in both Key Stages with her strengths being planning, differentiation and creative, engaging lessons. Kelly is a team player and works exceedingly well with colleagues, showing great understanding and dedication. She has confidently supported fellow teachers, student teachers and teaching assistants to become increasingly confident practitioners. Kelly herself is a methodical practitioner and has redesigned whole school curriculums, excelled in Year 2 moderation and created innovative, whole school, subject assessment systems. She has led English, introduced a whole school phonics and spelling approach and led PE to a very high standard, overhauling two school’s approaches to skill based delivery and assessment. Her organisation and work ethic have led her to become an effective coordinator for English, PE and Key Stage One.

Laura Goffin - English, SEND, Attendance, Gifted & More Able 

Laura Goffin has been teaching since 2005 and has worked in a range of schools from inner city to village church schools.

Laura is currently an Assistant Head Teacher and alongside this role is the Specialist Education Needs and Disabilities Coordinator, English subject Leader, Attendance Officer and Gifted and More Able Lead.

Laura has been a Senior Leader for 7 years and has a range of skills and experience to offer.

Lynette Hardwick - Early Years, Literacy, Maths, PSHE, RE, ITT, NQT, Assessment, Leadership of Curriculum, Behaviour & Discipline, Attendance, Support for Most Able Students 

Lynette has 13 years of primary teaching experience, 2 of those as Head Teacher at her current school.

Teaching is her passion and Lynette has successfully completed the MaST (Mathematics Specialist Teacher programme) which focusses on enabling children to converse and conjecture what they are learning and ways in which their misconceptions can be addressed. 

Lynette’s experience of subject leadership is extensive, and she works with colleagues to enable them to further their skills in becoming middle leaders.  She has recently become a Local Authority Key Stage One moderator, a role that enables her to support and affirm teachers’ judgements when assessing.

Melissa Pearce - Maths, CPD 

Melissa prides herself on being a proficient, thoughtful and outstanding practitioner with endless enthusiasm and passion in teaching. She strives to be an effective team player and approaches any support in a mutually beneficial way, working alongside colleagues.

Melissa is piloting the Inspire text books trial in school, a scheme carefully designed to incorporate teaching practice from Singapore. This scheme is based upon a Mastery approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics and upon the successful methods used in countries in the Far East.  Melissa is collaborating with another colleague to drive the successful dissemination of this approach throughout school, by providing CPD through observations, conversations and research.

Melissa has been observed teaching mathematics in this new approach by accredited NCETM Professional Development Leads in Primary Mathematics and numerous Primary and Secondary practitioners.  She is also part of a Mastery Steering Group to create and collate resources, working to promote professional learning and a high quality, consistent teaching of Mastery Mathematics across a number of Schools.

Melissa is committed to sharing best practice and the expertise she has developed and is still developing with others.  She has a sound knowledge of the new mathematics requirements and cherishes the opportunity to share this with others in a logical and motivational way.

Nathan Stone - ICT, Maths, Leadership of Curriculum, ITT, NQT, Behaviour and Discipline 

Nathan is an outstanding teacher who has taught in both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. During his career he has successfully and effectively coordinated a range of subjects, including Mathematics and ICT/Computing. After a recommendation by an OFTSED inspector, he took on the role of Mathematics Coordinator in just his second year of teaching.

Over his time at his current primary school, Nathan has played a pivotal role in moving the school forward; implementing and leading a wide variety of initiatives to improve many aspects of school life. His excellent organisation and leadership skills have led to him becoming a very effective, hardworking and respected Key Stage One Coordinator and member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Secondary Phase

Jo Woodhouse - Literacy, SEND 

Joanna is a graduate teacher of English with wide ranging experience of delivering a core curriculum subject. She has a passion for the supporting of literacy delivery across the curriculum and is currently the school’s Literacy Coordinator. Joanna leads the Middle Leader’s Literacy Network and has organised and led both external and internal training events related to Literacy issues.

In addition to teaching the full range of age and ability she has wide experience of working with students with SEN in a number of contexts. The past three years have been spent, as a specialist teacher, within the Learning Support Department at the Minster School and this has afforded opportunities to extend her work with students with SEN. She is currently completing her MA SEN with a dissertation concerning the use of creativity with students with SEN. From September Joanna will be CTL for Learning Support.

Joanna’s current role involves coordinating and delivering whole school reading intervention and working collaboratively with outside agencies to promote literacy development. She leads the school’s involvement in the Local Authority Multi-Modal Project and, in this role, has contributed to the Ofsted Inspection of the Authority. Joanna has a firm commitment to a Multi-Modal approach to teaching and learning and has delivered training on that subject.

Joe Brookes - GCSE PE, use of technology to enhance learning, Assessment for Learning 

Joe has transformed the way GCSE PE is delivered at his school.  He has led the development of interactive lessons that bring learning alive.  He has trialled numerous strategies designed to engage even the most reticent student and really extend the most able.  Treasure hunts, QR codes and thinking maps are common features of his lessons.

Joe has also been exploring ways to help students understand their progress and how to identify how to improve. He has produced a range of KS3 posters which act as independent self-assessment tools.

Joe is an enthusiastic and reflective teacher who enjoys working with colleagues to improve practice.

Luce Brailsford - Physical Education 

Luce is an outstanding practitioner. During the time at her current school Luce has played a pivotal role in moving the PE department forward, implementing and leading a wide variety of initiatives to improve many aspects of the curriculum.

As Deputy Director of Post 16 Studies Luce has developed and implemented many new opportunities for both colleagues and students. She is very approachable and always makes time for others. She is dedicated to this leadership role and passionate about ensuring that students reach their full potential.

Luce’s excellent organisational skills has led to her to becoming a very effective, hardworking and respected member of staff who is committed to sharing best practice with other professionals. 

Michelle Tuckwood - Design & Technology, Leadership of Curriculum, CPD 

Michelle is an outstanding practitioner with a proven record of success. She leads the Design and Technology Faculty at her current secondary school whilst supporting D&T education, together with aspects of T&L, across the Trent Academies Group (TAG).  Michelle has the passion and energy that makes a difference on many levels. 

Design and Technology (including ‘Cooking and Nutrition) is rapidly evolving and Michelle has wide experience of curriculum review, delivery and monitoring at Key Stage 3 and 4 (GCSE and VCert).

Working collaboratively is the core of Michelle’s leadership. She has completed the OTP and more recently her ‘NPQML’ where her strength in modelling excellence in the leadership of teaching and learning was noted. Michelle’s skills lie in identifying the needs of a team, creating a vision, building trust to motivate and inspire others and always being prepared to ‘talk and walk’.  She has led numerous CPD sessions to small teams as well as whole school.   Melissa has developed D&T strategies which have gone on to become school and even TAG-wide practice.

Mikey Gibson - Music, General AV Tech Support, Design and Social Media management, Website support 

Mikey is in his fourth year as Music Administrator at his current school and subsequently Performing Arts Technician & Instrumental Studies Coordinator.  He has developed a number of solutions to ensure a smoother, more efficient working practice.

Mikey’s understanding of music tech software has enabled him to run several sessions on recording techniques to A-Level and GCSE students.  From this, students were able to gain a better understanding of what the examiners would be looking for when marking their recordings.

Mikey is competent in the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Pro Tools, Logic, on both Mac and PC operating systems and ran a successful workshop for staff about the use of technology during music lessons.

Recently Mikey has been heavily involved in the development of a new school website and is currently the main contact in school for any website queries.

Rachel Gibson - History, ITT, NQT 

Rachel is in her eighth year of teaching and has been the History Curriculum Team Leader for three years.  Rachel plays an important role in the provision of History in school and development of the new curriculums at all key stages.   She has led the department in standardisation and moderation practices.  Student results at A Level were consequently positive and marks submitted for the coursework component were approved by the moderator, demonstrating effectiveness of practices taking place.    Working towards an improvement in GCSE History results, Rachel has encouraged her department to teach engaging lessons and developed revision tools used by all students, taking into account the different types of learners

In terms of Initial Teacher Training, Rachel has been mentor for PGCE students in association with the University of Nottingham over the past 4 years, all of which have been successful in interviews and are now embarking on careers in education.

For the past three years, Rachel has led the subject leader networks for History, designed to bring History teachers across the county together to share expertise.

Sarah Gratton - Leadership of Curriculum, PE 

Sarah is in her twelfth year of teaching and is currently the Curriculum Team Leader (CTL) for PE.  As CTL, Sarah plays an important role in the provision of PE within the school at all Key Stages but recently has begun to focus more on Key Stage 5.   Her role has led to her prioritising areas for improvement within the department (whilst also celebrating good practice with other colleagues from around school), developing the curriculum and schemes of work within it and maintaining good outcomes for students.

Sarah is someone who leads by example and retains the highest of expectations in order that all students receive the best PE lessons possible.

Cross Phase

Beverley Lee - SEND, Attendance, Mental Health 

Bev has worked with vulnerable young people for many years, both in the voluntary and education sectors. Her specialism is supporting pupils with mental health needs, particularly trauma and anxiety related. Her current role, in a hospital school, encompasses reengaging pupils with education, reintegrating them to a mainstream setting when appropriate and supporting them to make the transition to post 16.

Bev has been involved in the introduction of weekly ‘trouble shooting’ sessions with pupils, the creation of a bespoke resilience and growth building programme, a strengths and weaknesses tool and a more supportive approach to monitoring and improving attendance which has led to whole school attendance improving over the past three years.

As part of her ongoing commitment, Bev is midway through completing an MA in Trauma Studies at the University of Nottingham and within this is concentrating on young people’s response to trauma, the impact on the wider family and how they can be supported in school.

Helen Feehily - Leadership of Curriculum, Religious Education 

The majority of Helen’s career has been in classroom teaching and she is currently Curriculum Team Leader of a successful Religious Education Department.  Helen has a huge passion for the teaching of Religious Education and enjoys encouraging and guiding students to achieve to the best of their ability.

Helen leads the Network Meetings for Religious Education, sharing initiatives and ideas on a range of issues regarding the teaching of Religious Education at Key Stages 3 to 5 as well as learning from others.  Feedback has always been reported as useful or very useful and staff from other schools have commented on how beneficial these sessions have been for their own planning and practise.

The Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) 2016, described the Religious Education Department as having a leader with insight and commitment. The department itself was deemed to be outstanding.

Helen is mentoring a member of staff who was undertaking the Middle Leadership course.  She was also asked to be an assistant coach for the Teaching and Learning Groups in school and enjoyed working alongside and advising other members of staff.

Helen is an innovative person, eager to look into how aspects of school can be developed and is a member of the School Ethos Group presenting the new ethos statement to staff and is also a member of the School Climate Group.

Julie Stafford - Food and Technology, Pastoral 

Julie is a highly experienced practitioner and outstanding teacher of Design and Technology with a proven track record planning in delivering outstanding and highly effective lessons. Julie has been responsible for sustaining outstanding GCSE and A level examination results. Julie’s enthusiasm and dedication towards her subject area extends beyond the classroom. Previous responsibilities including CTL have given her opportunities to combine her extensive subject knowledge and manage teams to success within the D& T curriculum. Julie has experience of delivering on a wide range whole school CPD and mentoring colleagues on various Professional Support programmes. She has also initiated and led pilot projects working collaboratively local primary schools to deliver NC Food and nutrition at KS1 & 2.

Julie’s ongoing role as a senior examiner at AQA, spanning 25 years, has ensured that she is continually at forefront of NC change.  She has enjoyed national recognition for her work as both a senior examiner on the lead development team writing the new specifications for GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition and the new proposed Level 1 & 2 Food and Catering Technical awards. Julie has developed the new ‘T & L’ resources on the AQA website and previously co-authored the GCSE student textbook and CD ‘Maximise your Marks’ for Nelson Thornes.

 Julie looks forward to opportunity to share her knowledge, experience and successes and work collaboratively with others as part of their own professional development.

Sherry Rycroft - Literacy, SEND, Intervention, CPD 

Sherry is a Specialist Teacher and Assessor of Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties and is currently the lead on literacy across the four bases which make up her school.

Having worked across a spectrum of schools from selective grammar schools to her current setting Sherry has held a number of Middle Management positions including Head of Department, Head of Key Stage and SEND.

She has accumulated a wealth of experiences that have made her an outstanding classroom manager and delivered CPD on a variety of topics including: the links between literacy and anxiety, emotional intelligence and exams access arrangements.