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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

The school ensures that Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education and British Values are all taught throughout the curriculum. These strands are mapped to ensure full coverage. In addition Tutor time activities and RS/PSHE & Citizenship lessons explore these themes in greater detail. 


Tutor programme 

Twice weekly acts of worship, Thought for the week and Friday re-cap of the week all enable students to explore a range of moral, social, cultural and spiritual issues linked to our school virtues and building on real life examples. Students are encouraged to reflect and develop their own beliefs and values. 

Weekly themes are mapped throughout the year. These include key SMSC themes such as: 

  • Respect  
  • Charity  
  • Justice  
  • Diversity 

Themes are mapped and linked to key days / events. 

See document below for details on themes of the week.


PSHE & Citizenship curriculum 

The PSHE and Citizenship curriculum is interwoven with the Religious studies curriculum. Students will study SMSC themes as discreet topics such as Discrimination and Healthy Lifestyles as well as being integrated into wider Religious studies topics such as Ultimate questions, and Christian’s responsibility to the Environment.