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Exam Information

This page contains the latest information about exams, including statutory guidance and notices provided by JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications).  Additionally you will find information about forthcoming exam seasons, a full exam timetable for any forthcoming exams and forms to be completed if an exam result appeal is required. 

Autumn exam timetable

The Autumn exam timetable can be seen by clicking here. This includes A-Levels, GCSEs, Y7 tests and University Admission Tests. 

Option changes for 6th form entry

If students need to change their options for A-level or enrichment subjects they should complete this form.  Students should first check that they have the required grades for any change they are requesting.  Changes are subject to the need for subjects to fit in the timetable and the maximum number of students in each class.  Changes will be processed in the order they are received. The document of subject entry requirements is below.

Option change request form


Results days

Our Summer 2020 results day guidance for students, parents and carers can be downloaded below. This contains information on when results are available to collect, what to do if you are not able to come in on results day, and the procedures we are putting in place to keep students and staff safe. 

A guide to results has been published by Ofqual and can be found here:

Available to download below are:

  • Summer 2020 results day guidance for students, parents and carers
  • Permission for a relative or friend to collect results
Autumn exams

Students who would have sat A-level and GCSE exams in summer 2020 have the option to sit them in autumn 2020.

Autumn A-level exams - click here for more information and entry form 

Autumn GCSE exams - click here for more information and entry form 

Post-results services

This year grades have been awarded by Centre Assessment rather than through examinations.  The grades were awarded using a range of evidence including any mock exams, in-class and homework assessments over time and completed coursework elements.  The grades sent to the exam boards were very carefully considered and represent the best results the school would ever have achieved.  Grades were carefully checked in each subject area and by school leaders before submission.

There is no right of appeal against individual grades awarded this year as there would be if exams were taken.  However, if you believe a clerical error has been made an enquiry can be made with the school to check.  This can be done by contacting the school exams office

If a student believes they could have achieved more in any subject there is the option for them to sit the exams in the Autumn in an attempt to improve that grade.  See above for details.

Ofqual have published guidance for students about their options. To quote from that guidance :

1. You can ask your school or college to check whether it made an administrative error when submitting information to the exam board. Administrative errors might include, for example, mixing up 2 students with similar names, or accidentally copying across the wrong data, but do not relate to the professional judgements of centres in assigning CAGs. If your school or college finds it made a mistake in the information it provided it can ask the exam board to correct it.
2. Your school or college can appeal to the exam board on your behalf if it believes the exam board made a mistake when it communicated your grades.
3. You cannot challenge your school or college under the appeals process on the centre assessment grades it submitted or your rank order positions. Any appeal would have to be undertaken by someone better placed than your teachers to judge your likely grade if exams had taken place. In the unique circumstances of this summer, we do not believe there is such a person.
4. You cannot appeal because your mock result was higher than the grade you were awarded. Your mock grade will have been taken into account in determining your centre assessment grade. You will either receive your centre assessment grade or your calculated grade (whichever is higher).

The full document is available here:

If you do raise any queries with the exams office please allow 5 working days for them to respond and make the necessary checks. If an administrative error is found the school will then make an appeal on that basis.  The deadline for these appeals is 17th September.

Update : Wednesday 26th August

Ofqual has published further information about how grades were awarded in centres and what schools were asked to take into account.  If you have questions about them exam results this year please read this information before contacting school.


Joint Council for Qualifications Notices

Every year JCQ issues notices to candidates to make sure all exam board regulations are followed.  Copies of all JCQ notices are found in the files for download at the bottom of the page.

Exam timetables and key dates
Date Event
Thursday 13/08/20 Summer A-level results released
Thursday 20/08/20 Summer GCSE results released
05-23 October 2020 A-Level exams for students who would have sat exams in summer 2020
02-23 November 2020 GCSE exams for students who would have sat exams in summer 2020
December 2020 Summer 2020 exam certificates available to collect
December 2020 Year 11 mock GCSE exams (exact dates TBC)
17 December 2020 Autumn A-level results released


Past papers and specifications

Specifications for courses and any available past papers are available on the exam board's websites, with information about which courses are currently being studied at school within subject areas on this website.  Students will also have been informed of the exam courses they are studying.