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The School Direct Programme - Initial Teacher Training

The Minster Learning Alliance is founded on the principle of collaboration and an absolute belief that by working together we can improve outcomes for all children in all our schools.  The School Direct training programme provides the opportunity to recruit and develop the next generation of teachers by hosting School Direct PGCE trainees. Trainees are hosted within your school for an entire academic year, apart from a second school placement lasting around 6 weeks, enabling trainees to build sustainable relationships with children and staff. 

The Alliance has a long record of partnership with our Higher Education partners in helping to train teachers. School Direct gives us the chance to select and train our own outstanding teachers of the future.   

Over the past few years, 100% of our trainees have successfully qualified and secured teaching posts within 6 months of completing the School Direct course. A large proportion of our trainees are employed by their host school, or other schools within the Alliance. 

Why choose to work with the Minster Learning Alliance in the School Direct Programme? 
  • Schools have control over the recruitment of trainees – you will select the trainee that is right for your school, and we can assist with interviews if required.
  • Marketing and management of applications led by the Minster Learning Alliance.  
  • A well-established partnership with Nottingham Trent University, providing expertise and support for mentors, trainees and schools. 
  • A high-quality programme leading to QTS and PGCE for trainees. 
  • Additional trainee development sessions provided by the MLA, addressing priorities for partner schools and trainees. 
  • Quality Assurance activities and visits undertaken by MLA to support mentors and maintain high quality training and teaching. 
  • Generous funding provided to schools to support trainees and mentors. 
  • Many schools employ their trainees following the programme, aiding sustainable recruitment and the ability to develop your own teachers ready to ‘hit the ground running’.
  • Regular partnership meetings between MLA leaders and school co-ordinators providing clarity of communication and the ability to shape our work together.
Funding Arrangements 

The Minster Learning Alliance operates the School Direct training programme in partnership with Nottingham Trent University.  The MLA receives funding from NTU to support advertisement, recruitment, training, support and administration of the programme with a proportion of the funding provided to base schools for each trainee hosted as follows:

Funding provided to base school
(non-MLA member)
Funding provided to base school
(Standard MLA member)
Funding provided to base school
(Full MLA member)
£1,800 £2,100 £2,400

This funding arrangement will come into effect for academic year 2022-2023.  

If you have any specific questions about your training after exploring our website, please contact us:

Nicole Lyons
Initial Teacher Education Lead - The Minster Learning Alliance
01636 817 365

Hazel Theaker
Assistant Initial Teacher Education Lead
0115 963 5667

Trish O’Malley
School Direct Administrator
01636 551 103