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Covid-19 and Mock Exam Update

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you have a had a good weekend. In this period of lockdown, there seems to be a refocusing of how we spend time at the weekend – for me it was family walks and clearing the leaves in the garden. I have not put the Christmas decorations up yet although I am seeing that many households have – maybe that’s something for next weekend!

At the end of this week, you should receive our latest edition of the WORKS newsletter, but before that I do have some updates for you.


On Friday the school was informed of a year 13 student testing positive for Covid-19. Close contacts were swiftly identified and requested to self-isolate for a period of 14 days from their last contact in line with government advice. All other students should continue to attend school as normal. 

This means that we have had three confirmed cases since the return from the half term break. I appreciate how hard it is for families operating during the lockdown but your support in following the government guidance does help ensure that cases are kept as low as possible within school. I am seeing reports of many schools, both locally and across the country, having to close to particular year groups due to the number of students and staff having to self-isolate. We are fortunate to not be in this position but we do continue to monitor what is happening and develop business continuity plans.

Year 11 Mock Exams

The year 11 mock exams begin next week. I am aware that these exams can make students anxious. This is the case every year and especially this year as students have had a period of time out of school. These exams are important as a staging post in the students learning. They are still 6 to 8 months away from sitting the actual GCSEs and these mocks help to identify areas that they will need to work on as well giving them an experience of sitting exams in the hall. 

The government’s current policy is that exams will go ahead next summer. There is currently a consultation taking place on exam contingencies – what might be done for students before, during and after the exams – but i do not foresee a change of government direction at this stage. It is unlikely that we will hear anything before the end of the month but when we do, we will ensure that parents are kept informed.


With it being such a frosty morning, it has reminded me of the importance of students wearing coats. Due to the current Covid restrictions we do not have space for all the students inside the building at certain times of the day. A coat is certainly beneficial in these times, especially first thing in the morning. As I have said in previous communications please do not replace the blazer with a coat and a reminder that a hoody is not a coat. I appreciate your understanding on this matter.


As always – thank you for your continued support.


Mr Chaloner - Head Teacher