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Welcome from the Chair of Governors

Welcome to the Minster School. We Governors are immensely proud of our team of staff (teaching and non-teaching) and students who continue to produce work and results of the highest calibre. Many of you will know that we achieved the highest rating that OFSTED can give, outstanding, in their review in 2011. We continue to assess our standards against those benchmarks to ensure we retain that judgement in any future review. 

Our status of Teaching School is progressing well. We are assisting other schools in our family to improve by sharing best practice and thereby improving our own standards as well. The membership is still growing and we look forward to continued collaboration with our ‘family’ of schools.

We monitor and evaluate the school to ensure that it is promulgating best practice and giving our students the best learning environment that can be achieved. We challenge the Head and leadership team at each Governors’ termly meeting to ensure that the strategy for continual improvement is working. We also recognise our responsibilities as employers and seek to improve the working environment where possible and support all our staff both teaching and non-teaching.

Governors act as ‘critical friends’ to the school and we seek to ensure that the high targets set are achieved. We do this by regular meetings with staff with each Governor having a specific department responsibility.

The attainment of Teaching School status has helped to motivate and challenge staff further in their career journeys. The challenge of Academy Status will further challenge us but there is a determination to hold sacrosanct the education of our next generation.  Our pathway to Academy status will be shared with all our stakeholders in as transparent a manner as the process allows.

As I write this there is a debate about funding for schools under proposed national the Minster School is forecast to lose almost 3% of its funding.  This is wholly unfair and will be difficult to manage but it is a political decision and one which will be impossible to influence at a local level.  We are determined, however, to maintain standards and view reduction in curriculum, staffing resources and facilities as a last resort.

All Governors give their time freely and details of who we are can be seen on the website. If there are issues that need to be addressed I would ask that you follow the procedures laid down and detailed on our site but I accept responsibility as Chair and am happy to be contacted through school if you are unable to resolve any issues. I am very grateful for the time given by all Governors, because without such support the School would not be able to run as it does.

Finally, I pledge the support of the Governing Body to the School and to the local community and promise to work to maintain and, where possible, to improve the value of the School to the whole population of the catchment area.



Our Governors

Our Current Governors

  • Mr Robert Beckett - Foundation - Term of Office 01/09/18 - 31/08/22

  • Mr Nigel Ladbury - Foundation (Chapter) - Term of Office 01/09/18 - 31/08/22

  • Mr Alan Wright - Chair, Foundation (Chapter) - Term of Office 01/09/18 - 31/08/22

  • Mrs Christine Bowering - Foundation (Chapter) - Term of Office 23/11/16 - 21/11/20

  • Canon NIgel Coates - Foundation (Ex-Officio) - Term of Office 02/12/18 - 01/12/22

  • Ms Tracey Sparkes - Foundation (Chapter) - Term of Office 12/11/16 - 11/11/20

  • Mr David Shannon - Foundation Chapter)  - Term of Office 05/11/17 - 04/11/21
  • Mr Anthony Colton - Local Authority -  Term of Office 25/03/13 - 24/03/21

  • Mr Matthew Parris - Staff - Headteacher (Ex-Officio) - Term of Office 01/09/14 

  • Mrs Hayley Gault - Staff -  Term of Office 21/03/17 - 20/03/21
  • Mr Roger Wood - Staff Co-opted -  Term of Office 15/11/16 - 13/11/20

  • Mr Ben Chaloner - Staff Co-opted - Term of Office 13/11/18 - 12/11/22

  • Mrs Elizabeth Turner - Foundation (Bishops Appointment) - Term of Office 17/11/16 - 15/11/20

  • Doctor Peter Brooks - Parent - Term of Office 28/11/18 - 27/11/22

  • Professor Jonathan Hardman - Parent - Term of Office 28/11/18 - 27/11/22

  • Mrs Charley Pierpoint - Parent - Term of Office - 28/11/18 - 27/11/22

Governors' Meetings

Meetings 2018 - 2019

Full Governing Body

Autumn Term – Tuesday, 13 November 2018 at 6.30 pm

Spring Term - Tuesday, 19 March 2019 at 6.30 pm

Summer Term - Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at 6.30 pm


The Minster School Governing Body has determined that it will operate through the following committees:

  • Finance General Purposes and Personnel (FGPP) - Meetings begin at 4:30pm on the dates below 
  • Strategic Development and Pupils (SDP) - Meetings begin at 4:30pm on the dates below 
  • Discipline Committee (DC) - when required
  • Pay Committee (PC) - when required

Committee Meetings

Autumn Term – Monday 23 October 2018 (SDP)/Wednesday 24 October 2018 (FGPP)

Spring Term - Tuesday (SDP) 26 February 2019/Wednesday (FGPP) 27 February 2019

Summer Term - Tuesday (SDP) 21 May 2019/Tuesday (FGPP), 4 June 2019

Committee Members

Strategic Development and Pupils' Committee: Mrs C Bowering (Chair), Mr B Chaloner, Mr A Colton, Mrs H Gault, Ms T Sparkes, Canon N Coates, Mr M Parris (Ex-officio).

Finance, General Purposes and Personnel Committee: Mr D Shannon (Chair), Mr B Chaloner, Mr R Beckett,            Mr N Ladbury, Mrs E Turner, Mr R Wood, Canon N Coates, Mr M Parris (Ex-officio).

Discipline Committee: The Committee will be made up of three Governors from the Governing Body except Minster staff Governors

Admissions Panel: Mrs C Bowering, Mrs E Turner, Mr A Wright.

Appeals Committee: All Governors except Minster staff Governors.

Pay Committee:  Mr A Wright, Mr D Shannon, Mrs R Beckett.

Complaints:  Mr A Wright (Chair of Governors).

Please see below for our most recent minutes from governors' meetings.