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Outcomes - Great Results

The Minster School Sixth Form has a long tradition of achieving great results in examinations, the combination of hard work by students, support at home and excellent teaching in school. Results day is an exciting moment in our students lives and this year (2019) we were immensely proud of their results.  

Of our students collecting results 62% of A level students achieved at least one A*- B. Their average grade achieved  at A Level was a C+. The progress measure ranks us as one of the highest performing Sixth Forms in the county. DfE performance tables

Our most recent Ofsted inspection found us to be Outstanding:
“All aspects of provision were judged to be of the very highest quality and as a result students make outstanding progress. The school has done exceptionally well in ensuring high levels of consistency across all subjects and for all groups of students. This highly impressive picture applies equally to the sixth form” 

Published A Level results (2019) 

  • Average grade achieved of C+ per A Level taken.
  • A value added score of 0.14 for A Level and 0.09 for all qualifications. For the second year running this places as as 'above average'.
  • 80% of students achieving at least one C grade or above at A Level.
  • Ranked 6th in the county for progress.

Published A Level results (2018)

  • Average grade achieved of B- per A Level taken.
  • Average point score per A Level entry 35.49 as compared to the 32.12 national average.
  • Value added score of 0.15 for A Levels and 0.09 for all qualifications. This is 'above average'.
  • Analysis places the school in the top 10% of providers for the A Level results achieved when considering the prior attainment of students.
Top 10% provider for A Level according to analysis against national outcomes


Published A Level results (2017)

  • Average grade achieved of C+ or B- for best three qualifications.
  • Average point score per qualification entry 36.77 as compared to a national average of 32.41.
  • 99% of students completed their main programme of study as compared to an average of 96% nationally.


80% of students leaving the 6th form secured University places, with 33% of students going on to Russell Group Universities. One student went to Oxford to study History and Politics and four students went to Cambridge to study Modern and Medieval Languages, Human Social and Political Science, Music and Medicine.


Retake GCSEs in English and Maths

Some students resit their English or maths GCSE in order to secure a pass grade while they are in the 6th form.  This is a very small group of students who have timetabled lessons to support them in achieving their improved grade.
  • No students were required to resit their English GCSE
  • 60% of students who resat their maths GCSE made an improvement as compared to 36% nationally