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Transition Live Event

I am delighted to invite you to an online Teams live transition meeting, where you will be able to hear key members of staff discuss the exciting provision ahead for your child and address any questions you may have. The event will run as publicised on the 5th July from 5 pm, to access the event please click on the link below:

Tutor meetings:

Following our live transition event there will be an opportunity to meet your child’s tutor via an online zoom meeting starting at 6pm. During this session the tutor will introduce themselves, discuss how the tutor system works, share contact details and answer any further general questions you may have. To access the meeting please click on the link for your child’s tutor group, this can be found on the front page of their induction booklet.

Tutor Group Tutor Link to Meeting Meeting ID Password
C1 Mr Grosvenor 960 7125 1575 vn7VqM
C2 Miss Gough 952 8945 5884 3ydB2x
R1 Mrs Gibson 876 7426 1284 GIBSON
R2 Miss Walter 820 3050 2379 tX0bJY
T1 Miss Fox/ Mrs Zannetou

916 4236 1196 2yRXS1
T2 Mr Patterson / Mr Wall 983 1366 5311 x41zBJ
W1 Miss Eaton 962 0054 3486 kb3R8H
W2 Ms Skoyles 992 2311 1071 C6WgYb